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18 January 2021

Parking: Victoria Shopping Centre Car Park: Southend

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The Victoria Shopping Centre Car Park has now fully suspended the student/staff scheme which offered discounted parking rates.

If anyone has any credit on their parking cards, the Victoria Centre Management Office will issue exit tickets to the value of the credit.

Discounted parking rates can now only be obtained by booking parking in advance by visiting or by downloading the app, and searching for ‘Chichester Road’.

  • Upon arrival a ticket should be taken at the entry barrier.
  • Before leaving the car park, staff/students need to visit the Management Office and give a staff member details of their car registration number to collect the exit ticket.

Pre-booked parking spaces currently cost £3.75 for a whole day.



Stephen Jordan Enters Landscape Artist of The Year

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Our very own Stephen Jordan took part in Landscape Artist of the year series 7 last August, which is currently being shown on Sky. The episode airs on Wednesday 17th February at 8pm on Sky Arts and Freeview Channel 11

Anyone who is familiar with the format of the program will know that a group of 8 artists, (although for this series they were reduced to 6 due to Covid) has 4 hours to produce a painting of the scene in front of them.  The landscape artist competition is less popular than the portrait artist one, and hasn’t been going quite as long, but he said ‘it was lovely to be invited to take part and I would encourage anybody interested in painting to enter the competition’

Stephens say’s ‘the recording of the episode in which I am in was made on the 11th of August last year which was really hot, I think one of the hottest days of the year. I am very grateful to Gert for covering admissions for me that day. The series is presented by Stephen Mangan and Joan Bakewell and the judges are Tai Shan Schierenberg, independent curator Kathleen Soriano and art historian Kate Bryan.  I have been a fan of the series for a number of years so it was fantastic for me to be in it. If you are interested in seeing more of my work you can look at my website or Instagram 

30 November 2020

One e-mail address for payroll, pension and sickness

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We’ve simplified the e-mail addresses that you use for payroll, pension and sickness information. Rather than having to remember a number of different address there will now be only one –





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