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November 12, 2013

Watermarking Microsoft Office 2013 documents

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We had noticed that failures were coming in regarding the watermarking of some documents, we identified that the 3rd party piece of software that is used behind the scenes for document checking (Aspose) was not functioning correctly with the new version of Microsoft Office 2013 documents.

The development team have since introduced a fix which should resolve any issues dealing with the version incompatibility however errors now give us a reduced level of informaiton as to where there may be a problem.

Since releasing this fix we haven’t seen any submission failures regarding this specific issue at all, however if you are using Office 2013 and you get a submission failure please use the in FASer contact us form or send LTT an email detailing as much as you can.


October 22, 2013

COR integration updates: displaying weights and ID’s

Filed under: Bug fix,System Development,System Update,Technical — Richy @ 11:37 am

Further to the remedial and improvement works that have been rolled out over the past three weeks to improve integration between COR and FASer, the following features have been released and are available for your use:

Some of the more visible updates include:

  • Weight of assignments displayed in the overview page


By displaying the weight in the overview page, we aim to reduce your workflow, as this will mean you can change weights in COR and view these changes on one page rather than having to go into each assignments’ page individually.

  • Matching COR entry now displayed in the assignment summary page


Some DA’s were concerned about not knowing if an assignment had a corresponding entry in COR. Having a matching COR entry displayed in the assignment summery page will address this.

As well as the changes mentioned above, there are additional changes that may not be so apparent, these include:

  • Submission date is cleared automatically if assignment is marked as “No online submission required”
  • Student page displays “No current assignments” rather than “No online assignments” when there are no assignments

October 14, 2013

Validation updates to the assignment creation/ edit page

Filed under: Bug fix,System Development,System Update,Technical — Richy @ 1:55 pm

A new update has been released in order to ease the creation process of new assignments, these new features include:

  • Submission deadline default time
    • By default, submission deadline is now 12 noon; which means you will no longer receive the “LTT out of office hours” message.
    • The system should no longer send emails out notifying of “past deadline” when creating assignments with no submission deadlines.
  • Save notifications
    • A more visible notification should now be displayed when saving to indicate if any errors were found with your input.
    • The save button is now disabled while the saving process is occurring, we found that some assignments were being duplicated as users were clicking save multiple times whilst the save process was occurring.
  • Search on input fields
    Some browsers were performing a search when hitting enter on an input box, this should now be resolved; however the best way of moving into the next input field when viewing a website is by pressing tab.
  • Lecturer Input
    A  message is now displayed to indicate the maximum of 1 lecturer per assignment has been reached, this was the previous limit in OCS and has been replicated in FASer. If an assignment requires more than 1 lecturer, these should be added as secondary markers/ notification emails.

If you have experienced any issues or bugs please email the Learning Technology Team at with full details of the issue.

October 9, 2013

Email notifications now accepting groups and aliases

Filed under: Bug fix,System Update — Richy @ 9:16 am

Previously the system would only allow users to enter valid email addresses that were linked to an individual user, this however meant that aliases and groups were not accepted as they weren’t linked to anyone.

Aliases are linked to another email, and groups behave essentially like an alias; pointing to a number of different emails.


The system has now been modified to allow for these unknown emails. The way it works is if any email address is entered that the system cannot look-up it will add to the end. This will require you to make sure the email you have entered is correct but should make it much easier to add people to your email lists.

If you have experienced any issues or bugs please email the Learning Technology Team at with full details of the issue.

New design for Submission details selection

Filed under: Bug fix,System Update — Richy @ 9:11 am

We have had some queries with the submission selection dialog that have made us rethink the way that this information should be displayed. It seemed the old design was somewhat confusing, we hope this new design is much more straight forward to use.

New deadline design

With the new design it should be much simpler to select whether your assignment has an electronic submission, a hard copy submission or no submission at all. If there is no submission at all, we have to add a deadline (1st January 1900) in the database, but you won’t see this in FASer and your students certainly won’t see this in their submission deadlines area. However you may see some email notifications withthis strange date, please let us know if that is the case.

If you have experienced any issues or bugs please email the Learning Technology Team at with full details of the issue.

October 7, 2013

Glow feature update

Filed under: Bug fix — Richy @ 2:30 pm

As you will have probably noticed, new features in FASer receive a green glow to highlight them.

You may have also noticed a small bug in that this glow seemed to reappear once you changed from one page to another, this issue should now have been resolved meaning you will only see this glow until you click on the item, after which it should no longer appear.

If you have experienced any issues or bugs please email the Learning Technology Team at with full details of the issue.