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May 7, 2014

Test the new in-FASer document annotation system

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Want to be a beta tester?

We have now started beta testing on the Feedback Assistant with real users and are hoping to get more using the system over the next few weeks.

The Feedback Assistant gives academics the chance to change the way they approach feedback with their students. It allows them to:

  • access submissions one student at a time
  • give text feedback
  • give audio feedback within the browser
  • drag and drop feedback files to upload them
  • give feedback to groups of students or the whole cohort

We will also very shortly be releasing the ability to annotate submissions directly within the web browser – no need to download or upload files at all! We are using a nifty little system called Crocodoc to help us with this – apart from the fact it has a great name, it makes opening of Word, PDF and Powerpoint files really easy and you can type comments, add drawings, highlight text and more without ever leaving FASer.

If you want to try out the new system, we can come to your office to talk through how you mark and what might work best for you and show you the basics of using the system. Either sign yourself up to the system here¬†or email Alex O’Neill on

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