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October 14, 2013

Validation updates to the assignment creation/ edit page

Filed under: Bug fix,System Development,System Update,Technical — Richy @ 1:55 pm

A new update has been released in order to ease the creation process of new assignments, these new features include:

  • Submission deadline default time
    • By default, submission deadline is now 12 noon; which means you will no longer receive the “LTT out of office hours” message.
    • The system should no longer send emails out notifying of “past deadline” when creating assignments with no submission deadlines.
  • Save notifications
    • A more visible notification should now be displayed when saving to indicate if any errors were found with your input.
    • The save button is now disabled while the saving process is occurring, we found that some assignments were being duplicated as users were clicking save multiple times whilst the save process was occurring.
  • Search on input fields
    Some browsers were performing a search when hitting enter on an input box, this should now be resolved; however the best way of moving into the next input field when viewing a website is by pressing tab.
  • Lecturer Input
    A  message is now displayed to indicate the maximum of 1 lecturer per assignment has been reached, this was the previous limit in OCS and has been replicated in FASer. If an assignment requires more than 1 lecturer, these should be added as secondary markers/ notification emails.

If you have experienced any issues or bugs please email the Learning Technology Team at with full details of the issue.

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