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August 2, 2013

OCS is changing its name – Say hello to FASer

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OCS will be changing it’s name this week to FASer – Feedback, Assessment, Submission electronic repository.

What are the reasons for this name change?

1. The current Online Coursework Submission name only alludes to a singular purpose, e-submission. Along with many other institutions nationally we are working towards a system that can handle three themes; e-submission, e-feedback, & e-marking; and broadly speaking all under an Assessment and Feedback step-change project. So we need a name that will reflect scalability for the additional functions we hope it will handle in the future.

2. OCS – we are obsessed with three letter acronyms and were looking for something that could be used as a word/ perhaps acronym that was longer than three letters. Moodle is a great example of a word that doesn’t stand for anything. CMR is another acronym but is not a very conversational word like ListenAgain or FindYourWay…but something like FeedbackSubmissionMarkingSystem is going a little bit far.

3. Students that were surveyed were dissociated with the tool’s identity and brand. They agreed that now was the time to establish a brand/identity of the tool as it will be changing. We hope this will give us opportunities to explore student engagement later in the year – something that is very hard to quantify. Real engagement. We can capture that students have “checked a box to agree they have read their feedback” before actually moving on to receive marks – but what does that mean? Will that feed forward and improve their next submission? Imagine FASer as a tool with a personality – students are the biggest user group of the system by a long way – if we can connect with them in a relevant way all the better.

Why FASer?

Well it was quite difficult to pin a name down at short notice. We did come up with an awesome name – SAFE (submission, assessment, feedback electronically)…but it turns out a neighbour university has already bestowed this name on their system. So FASer (pronounced Phaser or Phazer) was the only next name on the table that was relevant and timely.

How will this affect us now?

All web links that go to will now be redirected to which will be in place during the week. Links in the student myEssex website will still get them to where they need to be for submission.  When you log in to FASer you will now be welcomed with a new title. We have been in talks with Departmental Administrators recently to help with wording for  handbooks as they need to be produced simultaneously. Please get in contact if you need any assistance with wording or are concerned that what you have written still alludes to OCS – this is okay and anticipated throughout 2013-14.

You can enrol yourself on the Moodle course to be made aware of development news and to be involved in user testing.