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May 25, 2018

[Service alert] Possible issues logging on to FASER

Filed under: Elearning, FASER, [Service Alert], [Unresolved] — Samantha Thornton @ 9:56 am

There are currently suspected issues with connecting to through our ADFS site ( for some of our users.

We are currently investigating the cause, and believe this to be only affecting access from off campus.

If you find any issues with connecting to FASER, please contact the IT Helpdesk with as much information as you can, such as:

  • What browser you were using at the time of the failure
  • What error message appeared in the browser (a screenshot is would be helpful)
  • Were you on or off campus campus when the error occurred
  • Had you been connected to FASER on campus on the same day prior to attempting to connect off campus

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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April 27, 2017

Network issues following power problems.

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There are currently network issues in the following areas of the University:

Area around the Campus shop on floor 6

William Morris tower (staff)


PC Lab M


Thease areas are without network because the power has tripped out to the network devices and we are awaiting Estates to restore power to these areas.

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October 18, 2016

[Service Alert] Problem with SIP telephones

Filed under: Telephone, [Resolved], [Service Alert], [Unresolved] — Andy Tyne @ 9:43 am

Thursday 20 October 2016:

Information Update, 13:35: The remedial works carried out yesterday has restored most SIP phones that were affected. If any are not restored, please report  to including the following information:

  • the ccsip number either written or on a label on the underside of the phone
  • the MAC address number – starts 0060 on a label behind the screen

Wednesday 19 October 2016:

Information Update, 15:45: Some phones are now restored, we expect most or all of the rest to be back on line tomorrow. Please report to any that do not restore or remain in a blank screen state.

Information Update, 14:00: Further data received by IT Services on other network systems leads us to believe that damage has not been caused to the phones and a replacement programme can be avoided.  This data is enabling us to identify the specific network equipment that needs remedial attention. A further announcement on this will be made at 16:00.

Information Update, 10:15: At least 18 phones reported and more are expected. It is likely that some phones will not be restored until the early part of week commencing 24 October 2016.

Information Update, 0940: There are at least 13 SIP phones that are reported to be malfunctioning. The plan is to replace each one as this is the quickest method of dealing with it, however, due to the various reported symptoms it requires we visit each location first and may take up to one hour to deal with each handset.

Tuesday 18 October 2016:

Information Update; 15:00: Some SIP phones have lost configuration as a result of this mornings major power outage. We need to systematically replace each one. Please let  know the extension number of any phone affected and we will be in touch.

Information Update, 11:30: Following the server reboot SIP phones may need to be rebooted. Instructions to do this can be found at the Telephone Services web pages, at the end of this document –

Information Update, 10:55: The network connectivity issues that prevented SIP phones from working have been resolved and a reboot of the SIP phone system server is required. This will happen at 11:15.

Original Post, 09:45: Following widespread power disruption this morning at around 06:30 SIP telephones and other areas of the university network appear to be affected. Many phones are failing to reboot. IT Services are in contact with our maintenance providers and working on a resolution.

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December 9, 2015

Network Problems Silberrad Student Centre and related issues

Filed under: Network, [Resolved], [Service Alert], [Unresolved] — Network Manager @ 6:21 pm

There was a network problem affecting the student centre and as a knock on effect other parts of the Colchester campus.

This started at around 4.30pm until 6pm on Wednesday 9th December.

The problem was affecting other areas as the issue was causing the routers to work very hard so you would notice the network slowing down or becoming unresponsive.

The root cause was identified then removed from the network and connectivity was restored to the remaining parts of the SSC around 6pm.



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September 15, 2015

Problem with telephone system – operators are unable to transfer external calls to SIT main number 4000

Filed under: Telephone, [Service Alert], [Unresolved] — Andy Tyne @ 1:52 pm

Information Update 28 September 13:10

The downgrade has been reinstated and the system is running as expected. We will continue to monitor the situation. To report further problems relating to this issue, please email using the subject title: 201509 SIT Main Number 4000

Information Update : 28 September 12:20

We expect services to be re-established in the next 20-30 mins.

Information Update : 28 September 11:55

The downgrading has taken longer than expected. Further information will be given at 12:15.

Information Update : 28 September 09:45

Operators are unable to transfer external calls to SIT main number 4000 – The system wide software upgrade implemented this morning to resolve the problem (see email dated 25 September),  has been causing unexpected problems. The system needs to be downgraded, with immediate effect there will be a period of approx 90 mins when there will be intermittent or total loss of telephone services.

Information Update: 24 September 2015

Operators are unable to transfer external calls to SIT main number 4000 – One residual problem remains. This has been escalated to “very urgent status” by our system maintainer. We continue to provide incident logs.

Information Update : 17 September 2015

Unexpected engaged tone – Following the reset of the telephone system this morning at 06:00 we expect the problems to disappear. However we are continuing the monitor the situation and the case is not closed.

Please continue to report any further incidents of the symptoms described below by emailing using the subject title: 201509 Telephone Fault.

Original alert: 15 September 2015

Unexpected engaged tone – Some telephone users may have experienced making a call and found it to be engaged or silent.

An immediate attempt to re-make the same call may have been likely to work.

This problem appears to be affecting all extensions and appears to fluctuate in regard who is affected and when.

It is suspected that this problem and the problems affecting the telephone service to the SIT and Operators have a causal link.

Our system maintainer has been aware of the problem since 7th September 2015 and is actively working on a solution. We are monitoring the situation and giving regular feedback.

Please continue to attempt to make calls and offer any feedback of incidents to using the subject title: 201509 Telephone Fault


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