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March 6, 2015

Changes to FASER

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We’ve been beavering away on a few FASER changes in the last few weeks:

  • Staff can now edit comments in the Feedback Assistant.
  • The Feedback Assistant is faster.
  • Student lists are ordered by name.
  • Anyone who can edit assignments can now give permissions to other staff by adding them as a lecturer or second marker.
  • We also now have over 200 beta testers using our new mobile-friendly student pages.
  • The login screen is different:


What’s coming up

  • Rethinking the structure of the student submission downloadable zip files for staff.
  • Getting the Feedback Assistant student list to behave itself when marking (so you don’t have to keep finding the student you were on before).
  • Making a few tweaks to the student pages and then releasing them to all students after the end of term. We will be organising some information for staff so you can get an idea of what the students will see, but meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek…




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