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September 9, 2014

MEFE makes an entrance at ALT C

Filed under: Elearning, FASER, MEFE, Projects — Alex ONeill @ 12:40 pm

So, the MEFE talk at ALT C last week went pretty well I think!

ALT C is the annual conference organised by the Association for Learning Technology and although I’ve been a number of times this is the first time I have done a talk there (although my colleague Ben did do one on our Listen Again lecture capture service last year, which also went down well I think). I was doing one of the first sessions on the first day which is a pretty good slot – everyone was still bright eyed and bushy tailed!

It seemed to go well with only standing room left in the room I was in – probably about 40 or so in the audience. There were some really interesting questions and I got talking to some members of other universities about their online submission systems, it was great to find out where other institutions are in comparison to us. In fact the guy who did a talk just before me has been running a project at Bournemouth looking at video feedback – I’m hoping I can use some of his suggestions to create some useful guidance for any academics who want to try it for their students.

Here are my slides from the day, although no recording I’m afraid (shame they didn’t have Listen Again there otherwise all sessions could have been recorded easily!)

It was a great conference this year with some fascinating talks about how technology is being used across the globe to enhance the learning experience for students. We’ve been having some really good discussions in the team about how we can apply what we’ve learnt at Essex to improve our services so watch this space!

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