The Pillow

It was just a pillow,
lying on the floor,
abandoned in Runwell
Not needed anymore?

Was it just pillow?
Grubby stained and thin,
I thought of heads that rested upon it
and all the tears within?

A pillow, sometimes an only friend
We held and hugged it tight,
We’d tell it all our secrets,
As we tried to sleep at night.

How many heads slept on this pillow,
how many nightmares did it share?
How many tears are soaked in it,
did anyone really care?

I looked at the grubby old pillow
Those that used it at last are free,
Gone home to their maker,
as the pillow, it speaks to me!

Rest peacefully now my old friends,
No need for this pillow you see
Your nightmares have now all ended
this pillow brings you closer to me!

No! you are not forgotten!
I hug this pillow as if I hug you
I remember all that we shared,
So proud you were my friend too!