Dissociative Identity

Who are You?
Who are you that takes my life and stops me being me?
You take control with evil thoughts, that’s not how I want to be,
You weaken me when I am strong you turn my good to bad,
You steal the happy thoughts I had and leave me feeling sad.

You take control of all I do and leave me standing by,
Not knowing who I really am no matter how hard I try,
You muddle up my thoughts then you destroy my soul,
Because you stole all that was me by being in control!

Why do you steal my mind, my thoughts, I really do not know,
What is that you want from me when I am feeling low?
Where is that you come from, I really haven’t a clue,
I just want to be who I am to stop me being you!

Please go your way leave me alone, lost in my despair,
I don’t know who I am anymore and I guess I do not care,
You leave me lost and so confused I have no roots, no name,
I am not you; you are not me, but still we are the same!