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24 March 2016

Support for Autistic Students in HE – three new guides

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The European-funded Autism&Uni initiative has published three new guides for those teaching and supporting autistic students in higher education. Autism&Uni pic


GUIDE 1: For HEI managers and senior academics Providing you with information and evidence to help you develop policies and practices that will benefit autistic students and improve the student experience at your institution.


GUIDE 2: For HE lecturers and tutors

We share with you practical tips based on evidence from our research to enable you to make your learning and teaching practices more accessible and support you to build better relationships with autistic students.


GUIDE 3: For professionals supporting autistic students within or outside HE Institutions For specialists directly supporting autistic students. This may be as part of a disability support team within a HEI, or for an independent organisation that provides services to HE. We share insights from our research and from good practice across Europe that will help you improve student experiences and engagement with your information and services, and to develop your expertise.


These guides are free and can be downloaded from Versions in Finnish, Dutch, Polish and Spanish will be available shortly.


Through our research we found that knowledge of how best to support autistic students is not consistent across Europe and often varies within a country. Pockets of best practice exist, and our Best Practice Guides highlight and promote these in order to improve the prospects and number of HE students on the autism spectrum.


We recognised that one size does not fit all, so we have created three guides aimed at specific groups. The guides were created with the help of autistic students, their parents, university tutors, school teachers, and autism support staff.


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