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August 25, 2015

How to network with professionals online

The power of networkingtable-discussion

Networking and exchanging ideas with fellow colleagues at Essex is fundamental to our community. There are endless ways you can connect with others as highlighted previously, and online, social or virtual networking is fast becoming the norm in the professional and academic environment. An article by Ron Pauleyan Academic Liaison Librarian agrees that social media networking can improve connections to fellow researchers, as well as being a platform for acquiring and sharing expertise.

What is LinkedIn?


July 7, 2015

Improve your digital confidence

The Technology Enhanced Learning Team (TELT for short) have just put the finishing touches to a “Digital Confidence Diagnostic”.DSC_2388(prn)

This web-based tool has been designed to help academic staff better understand their relationship with technology in a scholarly context. The diagnostic only takes about 5 minutes to complete and, once you have done so, you’ll be provided with a list of useful tips and tricks to help you improve your use of technology.