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July 13, 2015

Quiet please!

Filed under: — Karen Bush @ 3:18 pm

Sometimes you need some quiet time at work to concentrate and focus. Easier said than done! Shared offices, busy colleagues wanting your immediate attention, phones ringing and constant interruptions can soon erode the quality time you put aside. Here are some ideas to help you get some quality time at work.

A pair of black headphones.

A pair of closed-ear headphones. Good for blocking out ambient office noise.

    1. Book it! Use your dairy to plan adequate time for work. The trick is not to let other appointments creep in and eat into your special time.
    2. If someone else can edit your diary for you they need to know that this time is protected.
    3. Talk to your team about how to reduce disturbances by using visual clues. For example, an office mascot on the desk signals to others that you are busy and not to be disturbed.
    4. Set open office times. Inside these times people can have free access to you, outside these times they can’t unless they have an appointment.
    5. Is there another desk you can use? There are PC labs an outside term time are quiet.
    6. Use headphones to minimise distraction from general office noise.

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