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July 1, 2015

Staff question of the month

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Following the results of the 2015 Staff Survey, we have established a programme of further engagement activities in order to give you as members of the staff community, the opportunity to collaborate with us during the npressure-gauge-2ext phase of action planning.

Question of the month for July 2015

In response to the identified area of concerns about job demands, we want to hear your thoughts on how we can address this. Answer our second question of the month to identify when you feel the least pressure in your workload.

Please also make use of the free text comments section to give any suggestions on how we could help during busy periods.

Your replies will be anonymous.

Last month’s question

Last month we asked you to identify what would most improve your health and wellbeing at work, out of the following three choices:

An email etiquette that discourages emails sent outside of the normal working day; Recognised quiet times within teams/offices to enable focused work; or The ability to take regular breaks away from your work station.

The votes were as follows:

  • From over 480 votes recognised quiet times received 35% of the votes
  • The ability to take regular breaks also received 36%
  • Finally an email etiquette received 28% of the votes

Professional Services staff voiced their opinion most with 303 voters (63% of total votes), the Faculty of Social Sciences clocked up 37 voters, Faculty of Science and Health 30 voters and Faculty of Humanities 15. Campus Services had 49 votes and the final 48 did not identify where they worked.

In response to this, the staff survey team have come up with a range of suggestions not only to help you break up the day, but also to get some quiet time at work and to help you manage your email. We encourage you to discuss these ideas in your teams and see what will work well in your environment. Please do let us know what you’re doing as result by emailing staffsurvey (add to make a full email address), so that we can spread the word!

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3 responses to “Staff question of the month”

  1. anonymous says:

    Would it be possible for the doors in the ladies loos to be rehung to go outwards rather than into the cubicle. Many of the cubicles are small and with bags, coats and skirts it is hard to manoeuvre round some of them and not touch the loo or sanitary bin. If the door went outwards it would give more space. I do also wonder how some larger ladies manage to get into the cubicle when the door goes inwards.

  2. […] Thank you to everyone who responded to our June ‘Question of the Month’. If you haven’t already had a chance to have a look at the suggestions the survey team came up with in response to your feedback, please do take a look at the HR blog for details. […]

  3. Patricia Gillies says:

    I have just spoken at an international conference–both challenging and engaging but certainly the extensive preparations and then performance demands are not without stress. The conference is in Rome which is now undergoing wildcat metro strikes and a severe and dangerous heatwave. My active research career means that no month is without pressure but I draw energy from the pressure.

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