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May 11, 2015

Get ready for the TEL revolution!

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Note: This post is the first in a series about the new TEL Programme at the University of Essex.

The University is currently engaged in a three-year initiative to improve the student experience through the intelligent use of technology. This will involve a programme of projects focusing on Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).


Say hello to TELT!

To support this initiative, a new team has been created in Learning and Development called TELT (Technology Enhanced Learning Team). This new team will work in tandem with the existing Learning Technology Team (LTT) to help staff and students at the University get the maximum benefit from the technology on offer at Essex.

As the Senior Education Technologist, I’ve been tasked with organising and leading this programme of projects. During the three years of the programme, we will be running three different types of project:

  • Long-Term Projects – These are projects that will run for the full lifetime of the programme. Anyone can get involved in these projects.
  • Short-Term Projects – These projects will last for a few months. Anyone can get involved, but spaces on these projects will be limited.
  • Departmental Projects – These are projects that are only relevant to a specific department.

This year, there are four long-term projects on the table. These projects have been designed to support the Curriculum Review and Education Strategy:

Mastering Moodle Training Pathway – This pathway will not only teach you how to use the basic features of Moodle, you will also learn how to create exciting interactive learning resources using the more advanced features of Moodle. For example, you will learn how to use the Quiz activity to create diagnostic tests, the Lesson activity to create structured learning pathways through dense content, and the Glossary activity to create a searchable database of subject specific terminology.

Elearning Production Support Scheme – If you sign up to this scheme, you will get intensive support from one of the TELT’s experienced Education Technologists (ETs). Your ET will help you design, create and implement a new learning resource using any of the technologies that the University currently supports.

IMPACT Initiative – IMPACT stand for Interactive Multimedia Production And Communication Technology. If you sign up to this project, you will receive a high-end webcam, a graphics tablet and supporting software that will enable you to create engaging video lessons. As well a receiving the kit, you’ll also be given one-on-one training from an ET on how to use it to achieve high quality results.

Digital Confidence – If you find technology intimidating or difficult to use, we will also be running a project to help you improve your digital skills. Signing up to this project will give you access to a digital diagnostic test that will enable you to calculate your current confidence level when using technology. You will also gain access to a whole host of support materials specially created by TELT.

Digital note taking

We have also decided to run a short-term project on note taking technology. The aptly titled Digital Note Taking Project has been designed to introduce students to a range of digital note taking tools that can help them make more effective notes during lectures. If you sign up to be involved in this project, we will help you and your students use a range of note taking software within the lecture hall environment. This project will take place in the autumn term, so please contact me ASAP if you’d like to be involved.

Get in touch

I’m also happy to discuss any project ideas you might have as well. To register your interest, and receive updates on the TEL Programme, please send an email to marty (add to create a full email address). Make sure you mention which of the projects you’re interested in.

Please Note: You do not need to be good at using technology to get involved with any of these projects. In exchange for your hard work, you will receive full support, training and guidance from an ET during the lifetime of the project. So what are you waiting for? Email me and get involved!

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2 responses to “Get ready for the TEL revolution!”

  1. Jemma Baker says:

    Great ideas! I would be particularly interested in participating in the digital note taking project!

  2. Ignazia Posadinu says:

    Great programmes! Please keep me posted.
    I am interested in all of them and particularly curious in the digital note taking project.

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