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Congratulations, if you’re reading this it means that you’ve been given a blog on

Before you start using your blog, there’s a few things that we’d like to remind you:

Pilot service is currently viewed as a pilot service, which can mean:

  • the service may be unavailable for periods of time;
  • the service provided may change, as the pilot progresses;
  • the service might behave oddly (see below for known limitations);

All of the above can happen with little or no warning.

Before you write your first blog post

Before you write your first blog post, please ensure that you have:

Once you have done this, you can start to think about the blog itself. Who will be writing blog posts, how often will posts be written, are there any do’s and don’ts for content within your blog (and does everyone understand what they are?). What about comments on your blog posts, blogging is a two-way medium, and you should think about how you’d respond to any comments left by others (taking the Social Media Policy into account).

After you’ve thought about all of this, you should then write an intial post, introducing your blog to the world, and explaining what your blog is all about. Hopefully you will have a lot of ideas for future posts, so that you can regularly add new information.

Happy blogging!

Known limitations

As this is a pilot service, not everything is smooth. Things that are behaving oddly, include:

  • The Media Library and Uploading Files won’t work. We have intentionally disabled file uploading.
  • You can currently alter your profile. Please don’t!