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22 July 2019

Showcase your campus photos

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We are running a photo competition to showcase the biodiversity of our campuses.

Students at Colchester campus

Students at Colchester Campus

We want you to submit a photo taken on our Colchester, Southend or Loughton Campus that captures the nature and environment.

The winning photos will be included in the team’s welcome week wildlife photo gallery.

What you need to know:

  • This competition is open to all staff and students.
  • Photos must be over 1MB in size.
  • Submissions should be titled and include a short description in the email to provide context to the photograph.
  • If your photo is chosen you will be notified.

How to enter:

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15 November 2018

One student’s role in commemorating the end of the First World War

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History MA student Olivia Smith has spent four months working as a Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) intern at the Thiepval Memorial to the missing of the Somme in northern France. Last week she gave Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron a tour as part of the centenary commemorations. Here she tells us what it’s been like to play a role in ensuring the First World War dead are never forgotten.

Olivia giving a reading at the memorial

Olivia giving a reading at the memorial

Every day on site we give tours to visitors of the memorial. Only last week I had a school group of around 35 ask me for a tour, all around the age of 13 and14 so quite an impressionable age. I told them the story of one of the Victoria Cross winners William Macfadzen who died on 1 July 1916.

Macfadzen won his Victoria Cross because of his instant bravery. In the early hours of 1 July he was in a trench with his men preparing for battle. He was handing out grenades to his comrades and accidentally dropped the box of grenades. Two of the safety pins came out and without hesitation Macfadzen jumped on top of the box and sacrificed his life so that the rest of the men in the trench would be spared.

I told this story and I looked over to a little boy who was crying. He was crying in his sisters arms and said “I will always remember this story”. I felt so glad that he cried, because to me that meant he understood exactly why he was here.

Why it matters to keep telling the story of those who died

For me the most important aspect of this whole job is ensuring the younger generations understand what they are visiting on the Western Front and why.

It is down to my generation now to ensure this educational message is passed on.

Four months seem like such a long time but it really isn’t.

I feel very sad that the internship is coming to an end. I have no war dead in my family, but I have built up a wonderful personal connection with the stories of the men I have learnt about and I feel strongly that as part of the younger generation, it is now our duty to ensure these men will never be forgotten.

What it means to be part of the centenary

I can’t put into words how lucky I am to have spent just over a quarter of a year working in France with the CWGC. It is an experience I truly wish didn’t have to end; I am beyond proud to have worked with the CWGC. I am proud to say I have been a part of the centenary and I am more proud that I have played a role in ensuring the men of the First World War will not be forgotten.

11 November 2018 marked a century since peace on the Western Front; it marked the end of the centenary years but what it won’t mark is the end of remembering the men who died.”

Find out more about Olivia’s experience working at Thiepval.

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7 March 2014

Students help with attendance monitoring testing

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Don’t forget to sign your attendance sheet

A big thank you for everyone who took part in classroom tests of the new attendance monitors last month. The tests were successful so we’re now rolling out phase two, so keep an eye them because they will appear in lots more classrooms over next months. We will start using them next year so until then don’t forget to still sign in on your attendance sheets.

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22 November 2013

A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Clifftown

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Our Autumn Season of East 15 productions is now well underway at Clifftown Theatre and we are about to stage our next production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with our BA Acting and Stage Combat graduating year.

Midsummer Night's Dream at the Clifftown Theatre

Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Clifftown Theatre

Thurs 5 – Sat 7 December

7:30pm & 2:30pm Saturday matinee

Follow Shakespeare’s classic tale of two pairs of lovers who run off to the forest and become caught up in a dispute between Oberon and Titania – King and Queen of the fairies.

The lovers become bewitched, along with a troupe of amateur actors who are using the forest to rehearse. Confusion, comedy, jealousy and chaos ensue in this stunning production set in the 1950’s.

Directed by Helen Leblique.

Helen has previously worked as Theatre Director at Freelance, Globe Education Practitioner at Shakespeare’s GlobeDirector at Orange Tree Theatre, and has been Assistant Director at Royal Shakespeare Company, English Touring TheatreShared Experience.

To book tickets please either email Megan Hung, phone 01702 328335 or visit the Box Office at Clifftown.

**tickets are free for E15 students and staff**

NB: Thursday evening is already sold out – please book for Friday and Saturday shows to avoid disappointment.

For more information about our entire season, please pick up a Season Flyer from Clifftown or the Gatewaybuilding Southend, or check online at

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13 November 2013

Record numbers of students are making Southend their home

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Our Southend campus has registered 1,000 students this academic year – the highest number ever!

Southend campus has 1,000 students

Southend campus has 1,000 students

Our very own campus-on-sea has surpassed the 900 students mark in the past, but this is the first year we have reached the magical 1,000 mark.

Welcome Week has also been declared a huge success this year with feedback from students suggesting the new activities were very well received and enjoyed by all.

If you would like to give your feedback on Welcome Week in Southend and make suggestions for how it can be improved, take part in the Students’ Union’s online survey.

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Essex students take part in United Nations simulation

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The University’s Model United Nations Society went to Oxford to take part in a major United Nations simulation last weekend.

Nikolaos, Miquel, Andrej, Yi-Kai.

Nikolaos, Miquel, Andrej, Yi-Kai.

In the simulation, named OxiMun, they took part as delegates representing the Republic of El Salvador at the UN committees of Disarmament and Security, Legal, Organisation of American States, and Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian.

During the three-day conference, the delegates had the opportunity to debate in a formal context, using UN procedure. These conferences provide a good platform to develop debating skills, get comfortable with the working procedures of the UN and other international organisations, as well as develop the necessary contacts for a successful career in them.

The delegates from Essex were: Andrej Nikolovski (second-year International Relations), Nikolaos Triantafyllou (first-year Law), Yi-Kai Lim (first-year modern languages) and Miquel Martinez Pascual (third-year PPE).

Students interested finding out more can get in touch with the University of Essex Model United Nations Society through Facebook or the Student Union’s webpage.

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Watch award-winning documentary by Essex student

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Screenshot from Monashay

Monashay is being screened at our Colchester Campus

You can catch an award-winning documentary by one of our students tonight (Wednesday 13 November) in the Lecture Theatre Building on our Colchester Campus.

Monashay by Film Studies student Elena Dirstaru won an Award of Merit at this year’s Indie Fest.

The documentary is being screened at 7pm on Wednesday 13 November in LTB10 in the Lecture Theatre Building.

Monashay is about Romani women in rural Romania and being presented by the Essex Transitional Justice Network (ETJN) as part of the Centre for Film Studies’ autumn film season.

The screening is free and open to everyone.

For more information see our news page.

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8 November 2013

Students support work to secure landmark legal judgement

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The legal team with Don Leopoldo Garcia Lucero, his wife Elena and the members of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

The legal team with Don Leopoldo Garcia Lucero, his wife Elena and the members of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Our students have been working with academics from the Human Rights Centre and School of Law to support the legal team at REDRESS secure a landmark judgement on human rights.

The judgement upholds the right to justice and reparations for exiled torture survivors from Pinochet-era Chile.

This is the first time the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) has decided the case of a living survivor of human rights violations under General Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship, and in particular, someone who has been subject to torture and forced exile. The claim was brought by UK resident Leopoldo García Lucero, who was tortured and arbitrarily detained under the Pinochet regime and has been living in London with his family since he was expelled from Chile in 1975

Our students supported Human Rights Centre director Lorna McGregor and Director of the Essex Transitional Justice Network Clara Sandoval, who were part of the REDRESS legal team. Students were involved in preparations for the hearings including victim testimonies, expert witnesses, cross examinations and final pleadings.

Find out more about the case in our news section.

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24 October 2013

Students get 10% off at MUSA

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Students can now get 10 per cent off at MUSA by showing a valid student card.

students can get 10 per cent off at MUSA cafe

students can get 10 per cent off at MUSA cafe

The MUSA cafe restaurant can be found within Firstsite, the contemporary visual arts gallery in Colchester town centre.

As well as comfortable indoor seating, the café also boasts a large outdoor terrace so you can enjoy modern, seasonal cuisine, whatever the weather.

We welcome younger customers and offer children’s menu options, cutlery for little hands, highchairs, baby changing facilities and firstsite children’s activities.




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11 October 2013

Your thoughts on Welcome Week

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our Frontrunner Miguel has been speaking to new students about their experiences

our Frontrunner Miguel has been speaking to new students about their experiences

As our new students start to settle in and get stuck into their studies, our communications Frontrunner Miguel went out about about on the Colchester Campus to find out about their initial impressions, thoughts, and highlights from their first experiences of University of Essex life.

First year psychology student Izzy, is keen to get involved in the University’s sports offer. She said:  “I’m going to join Cheerleading. I went for the teaser session, and that was really fun. I also went to try out swimming yesterday, and then I’m planning to go to Netball on Tuesday. There’s a lot of clubs and societies to join. Clubs and societies are the place to go if you want to find people with the same interests as you.”

Andrew, a first year Computer Science student, has come down with a bought of fresher’s flu, but isn’t letting it spoil his experience. He said: “Welcome Week was really good, apart from having fresher’s flu! The atmosphere is pretty good, everybody is enthusiastic and I plan to join basketball and the e-sports society. Campus accommodation is great, I am meeting a lot of new people all at once, and having space to yourself just makes it even better.”

Emma, a second year International Relations student, has been particularly enjoying the social aspect of University life: “I think this year’s Welcome Week was a lot better, we had Metal Meltdown on Saturday, which was absolutely amazing, and Weatus on Tuesday, which happened to be my birthday night out, which was really good. I’ve already paid most of my memberships already. I’m in the Politics Society, Conservative Futures, debating society, and a few others. I’m living in town this year and am really missing living on campus, because everything is so close. You feel you’re in your own little campus and that you don’t need to leave except to go to Tesco, but it’s still fun, I still feel a part of everything.” She said.

Curtis, a first year English Language student is getting stuck into everything. He said: “I found Welcome Week it really fun. I met a lot of new people, so it was really cool, and there was a lot on offer to do, so it was a good experience. I’ve signed up for the e-sports society and I’m still looking online a few other ones that I found interesting. I’ve been to quite a few events in Sub-zero because I bought the Megapass. It was nice to cut the line and to not have to worry about buying tickets. I’m living at the Quays, so it’s a bit further to walk than most people, but I do like being close to campus and being able to just walk out and come and see everything. Everyone is really friendly, because all first years are in the same boat as me. They all want to make friends, so it’s really easy to talk to people. Even the second and third year students are all really friendly and always willing to give advice.”   

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