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22 October 2019

Sustainable Transport around the University

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We ran a competition during Welcome Week offering students the chance to win a bike. Our Sustainability Team wanted you to think about ways to reduce your carbon footprint, recognising that little choices can lead to big changes and the winner didn’t disappoint…

Sylwia Strzelecka is a first year student studying Modern Languages and here’s her pledge:“I will continue to use my reusable water bottle, try to transition into vegan (from currently being vegetarian), buy less and from sustainable brands where i can, walk rather than taking the bus if possible, donate to offset travel related emissions when flying with Ryanair to my home country, do my best to spread the message and raise awareness among my friends and encourage them to ditch plastic straws at least! I will always carry a reusable bag and make every endeavour to be nicer to our planet.”

Sylwia told us she will use her new bike to cycle to Colchester where she is hoping to get a part time job. She said everyone should give cycling a go, the more people that cycle the better it is for the environment and also it’s great for saving money.

Student with her bike

Sylwia Strzelecka, winner of the competiition

Here are some of the other pledges the team liked:

  • “I pledge to only buy clothes from charity shops or second-hand vintage shops – fast fashion is one of the biggest contributors to environmental issues.”
  • “I pledge to use a menstrual cup and to not use pads or tampons.”
  • “I pledge to choose one day a week in which I reduce all my impact. For example, I would not watch TV and walking everywhere rather than take the bus.”

At Essex, we are continuing to work on our sustainable transport initiatives. We would love more staff and students to cycle to and from the University.

Take a look at the cycling provisions in place at our Colchester campus:

  • 32 cycle lockers and more on the way.
  • Cycle park adjacent to Rayleigh Tower at the end of the cycle path between Boundary Road and the North Towers causeway.
  • CCTV and lighting covers the park and there are places for 272 bicycles.
  • Cycle racks in 15 following locations
  • We have two fixing stations and pumps where cyclists can undertake minor repairs and pump up tyres.

If you would like to get your bike serviced, or perhaps you want to buy a bike, come and visit Dr Bike Service on Square 5 at our Colchester Campus every Wednesday during term time (8.30am – 2.30pm).

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