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15 May 2019

Make sure your bike is tagged before our annual cycle removal

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A cyclist at our Colchester Campus.

A cyclist at our Colchester Campus.

Our security team are preparing to remove all abandoned bicycles and bicycle locks on campus. To prevent yours from being removed you need to display a blue tag.

These tags are available from the Information Centre on Square 3 or the Estate Management Helpdesk (room 6.003). Please secure the blue tag around your bicycle frame or lock to indicate to the Security Team that it should not be removed.  All bicycles and locks being left over the summer must have a blue tag and should be located in a cycle rack. The Security Team will be inspecting all bicycles and locks on campus during the first week of September.

Any bicycles or locks not displaying a blue tag will be deemed abandoned and removed. Removed bicycles will be donated to Re-Cycle.

Locks will be cut to remove any untagged bikes and the cost will not be reimbursed.

Staff and students wanting to continue using their bicycle on campus over the summer are advised to continue to display a blue tag to ensure their bike is not removed.

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