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18 January 2019

Happy New Year from VP Andrea

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Happy New Year to you all. I hope your holidays were merry and that the gym memberships you started on 1 January are still being used.

Your VP, Andrea Lungay

At the SU we are excited to say that it is New Year Same Us – only with some extra cool stuff planned.

First and foremost, the Leadership Race is here! Now is the time to put yourself forward to be the voice of our Southend student body. There are many part-time roles such as BAME Officer, LGBTQ+ Officer, Disabled Students’ Officer, Student Parents’ Officer, Women’s Officer and of course the big full-time role of VP Southend, *cough cough*, that’s me. Nominations close at 4pm on Friday 25 January so make sure you get involved and start planning your campaign!

Last term also saw a few wins in our Big 4. In case you missed it, the SU asked what are the four most important things to students and you chose

  • Mental Health
  • My Course
  • SU Lounge
  • Environment

We are pleased to say that not only did we secure many wins last term, we have ultimately completed one of our Big 4 objectives. We have introduced new paper takeaway packaging in the Lounge, new SU travel mugs and of course the SU Bike Hire Service to become much more sustainable. We hope to take more steps towards becoming even more environmentally friendly.

So Welcome back and Welcome home!

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