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4 October 2019

First ever Deputy PVC Research appointed at Essex

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Dr Leila Musavian has been announced as our first ever Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research. We speak to both her and our PVC Research Professor Christine Raines, to find out more about this crucial new appointment.

Dr Leila Musavian is our first Deputy PVC Research.

Professor Christine Raines; the Deputy PVCR is a new role that the University hasn’t had before. Could you tell us more about it and why it is important in the lead up to REF2021?

REF2021 is a key part of our strategy for Research and in this final year, as we run up to the submission on 27 November 2020, the PVCR is responsible for the delivery of our submission. Therefore to allow the space and time for focus on REF at the same time as developing our new Research Strategy the role of DPVR has been established to provide support for the PVCR. This will enable priorities for our Research agenda to move forward.

Dr Musavian, tell us more about yourself, how long have you been at Essex?

I am a reader at the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. I have been with the University of Essex since December 2016. My main research field is Wireless Communications. In recent years, my research is focused on challenges related to 5G and Beyond 5G communication technologies, in terms of investigating innovative enabling technologies, understanding the requirements for the future use-cases and investigating solutions for rural coverage.

Professor Christine Raines is our PVC Research.

What do you hope to achieve in your new role?

This year is an exciting and important year for the University as we develop our new Research Strategy and we finalise our submission for REF2021. I will work closely with the PVCR, Professor Christine Raines, to have a smooth transition throughout the year so that while we focus on these exciting new tasks, the normal day-to-day activities for implementing the current University Research Strategy are fulfilled.

What will be your immediate priorities?

My immediate priority is to provide support to Professor Christine Raines, the PVCR, for developing and maintaining policies and activities towards enabling our staff to carry out world leading research. I will work closely with academics and professional services staff to support the University’s mission for “excellence in education and research, for the benefit of individuals and communities”.

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