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22 May 2019

Remembering John Crust

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It was with great sadness that we learnt of the death of our colleague John Crust last month. Here, our Registrar & Secretary, Bryn Morris, remembers John and his time at Essex.

John Crust

John Crust

Since joining the University of Essex in August 2005, John’s fire safety expertise, knowledge and advice played an integral part in the development and operation of all of the University’s campuses. His enthusiasm and diligence in promoting fire safety was seen in many ways, including the design of new buildings, refurbishment projects, developing strategy and policy to enhance safety, and the delivery of events such as Graduation.

John’s diligence and support was invaluable to colleagues. He brought a wealth of knowledge from his time at Essex Fire and Rescue Service. For many years John was Chair of the USHA Fire Group which saw him working with colleagues from a variety of universities on compliance and student safety. He provided professional advice to government committees and other safety institutions as well as delivering talks and seminars to a range of professional groups. John always had a genuine desire to educate and inform all members of the University community and the many colleagues across the campuses who have benefitted from his training stand as a testimony to his hard work.

John’s reputation meant he was always in demand to offer advice and guidance; however, he would always make time to help colleagues. Many colleagues at the University will have met John through the training and advice he provided; many also met and became friends with John because of his kind and approachable nature. Those of us working regularly with John found his sense of humour and candour a most welcome part of campus life.

We have lost a much-admired professional colleague and friend whom we will remember with fondness and admiration.

John was also a member of the University and College Union Essex branch committee for many years, and here his colleagues from UCU remember him and and his commitment.

John was a member of the University and College Union Essex branch committee for many years. Committee members from that period will remember him for his strong sense of commitment, wise counsel, and humour. In the case of strike action John was always to be seen on the picket line supporting others.

In addition, he was casework co-ordinator for some years, often taking on some of the most difficult cases himself. As a caseworker, helping individual members with problems in their employment, he was exemplary in the care and thoroughness with which he helped members in need.

John also contributed substantially and over a long period of time to the branch’s fight against the stress caused by excessive workloads. John was a hugely likeable and funny man but did not suffer fools gladly and would not be afraid to speak his mind. He will be remembered above all for the sheer force of his personality.

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