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18 August 2016

What does our data-driven future mean to you?

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Big dataThe hidden world of data and what it means for all of us will be explored in four keynote lectures for staff and students as part of next month’s Essex Big Data and Analytics Summer School.

All the lectures will be held in the Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall’s Auditorium A on our Colchester Campus.

Monday 5September 4.45pm-5.45pm

Speaker: Harry Powell, Head of Advanced Data Analytics, Barclays PLC

Title: List[Corporation].map(x => google(x)).reduce(_ + _) === ???

Abstract: How do you apply “Google” technology to a 325-year-old bank? The digital economy accounts for only 5% of GDP. Data science will revolutionise our world only once we work out how to apply it in established “old-world” businesses.

But there are challenges in doing so and overcoming them requires an appreciation of what data science is, how it is different and why. This talk will draw on Harry Powell’s experience of building the Advanced Data Analytics team at Barclays and in building big data machine learning applications in a regulated environment.


Wednesday 7September 4.45pm-5.45pm

Speaker: Hado an Hasselt, Senior Research Scientist, Google Deepmind

Title: Deep reinforcement learning

Abstract: Reinforcement learning gives us a way to build machines that can learn to make decisions automatically and autonomously, without prior demonstrations of desired behaviour.  This means that the machine can find solutions that its designer did not need to specify or even know.  This talk will discuss how to use reinforcement learning to learn how to make decisions, and how to combine it with deep learning to scale to impressive applications.


Monday 12September 4.45pm-5.45pm

Speaker: Hetan Shah, Executive Director, The Royal Statistical Society

Title: A data manifesto

Abstract: Hetan Shah will talk about the Royal Statistical Society’s Data Manifesto which argues that government can improve democracy, policymaking and prosperity through better use of data and statistics. He will discuss a range of issues including data access and data sharing, open data, statistical skills and the ‘data trust deficit’.


Wednesday 14 September 4.45pm-5.45pm

Speaker: Megan Lucero, Data Journalism Editor, News UK

Title: What’s next for (data) journalism?

Abstract: Over the past few years, The Times and Sunday Times broke several exclusives that led to international outcry and institutional change, due in part to their investment in a computational investigations team.

From uncovering tax avoidance, to doping in athletics, the data team at The Times and Sunday Times changed journalism practice by integrating computing into the story finding process. The team, equipped with statisticians, programmers and journalists, lend an analytical eye to stories in a unique way for a newspaper.

This talk by the team’s Data Editor, Megan Lucero, will go behind the scenes of several of their big stories and explain how data analysis can advance accountability in journalism and society.

Essex Big Data and Analytics Summer School is being held from 5 to 16 September 2016 at Colchester Campus.



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