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May 15, 2018

Rollover of Talis reading lists

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The library has now completed the rollover process for Talis and lists are ready to be updated for 2018/19. The instructions below are for colleagues at our Colchester and Loughton campuses. If you are teaching at our Southend campus then please speak to the library in Southend about your reading list.

What do I need to do?

You need to review the list of modules that you will be teaching next year and make any changes that are needed for 2018/19. Once you are happy with the list, you need to publish the list, which will send it to the library for review. You may need to create a list if a list does not already exist. Let us know if you would like help with setting this up.

Can I get help with using Talis? 

The library are on hand to offer support with using Talis. Our Moodle page goes through the steps of creating a reading list on Talis. We also offer 1-to-1 support, drop-in sessions, and can organise group training sessions as well. Just email and we can sort out something that works for you.

When do I need to do this by?

The timetable below sets out the process for updating reading lists ready for the academic year. This is set out in the library’s Content Development and Management Policy:


Changes in Talis

We have changed the levels of importance to ‘Essential’ and ‘Further’ to make it clearer to students as to what they need to read. We have also made it so that when you publish your list it will get sent to the library for review so you will no longer need to request this separately.

November 13, 2017

Drop-in sessions (Talis, Moodle, Faser)

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Feeling stressed about the different learning technologies that the University uses? Don’t know the difference between Moodle or Talis or don’t know why you should be using them? Or maybe you know how to use them but want to make it work better for you. Then these drop-in sessions are for you.

Every fortnight, TEL in combination with the library will be holding drop in sessions for anybody who would like help with Talis, Moodle, and Faser.

Whilst we ask that you sign up on HR organiser, you can come along for any help whether it is a quick simple question or whether you have never used the software before and would like someone to go through it with you from scratch.

The first session was held on Wednesday 18th October and since then both academic and professional services staff have come along to get help with a variety of issues; indeed, often coming along for one issue but then solving another in the same session.

Members of staff are on hand to go through things with you at a pace to suit you and as it is 1-to-1 it can be productive as well as helping you feel more confident with using the technologies (or at least be confident with asking us for help!)

The next session will be on 15th November 8:30 until 13:00. Sign up here.