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8 December 2017

New Southend Bike and Car Share Schemes

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A new and innovative travel service is operational in Southend for both car and bike users which allows access to shared pedal and electric bikes for residents and visitors alike, has been piloted in Southend.  Three automated bike docking stations were available at the Civic Centre and City beach, for use 24 hours a day and costing upwards of £2 per hour.  In addition, around ten electric car club vehicles are located in up to five locations – four currently in Victoria Avenue and Short Street from £4.50 per hour.

Further information can be found at and

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25 September 2017

University of Essex White Boards

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If, at the end of your lecture, you would like the notes to remain on the white board, please add a notice saying PLEASE LEAVE. Otherwise the boards will be wiped clean in preparation for the next session.


White Board



8 September 2017

Get the BUG

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The updated Buildings User Guide (BUG) can now be found on SharePoint. The BUG is an operations manual that details the access control arrangements and other building related matters for The Gateway Building, The Forum, Clifftown Studios and University Square.

The link to the BUG is on the right hand side of the front page. 





Need a minibus to Colchester?

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If there is a particular Employability and Careers event at Colchester campus, you would like to encourage students to attend, The Students’ Union 16-seater minibus can be used to take them there.


The minibus can be reserved for a minimum of six students, who pay a £2 deposit when they book their place with ground floor reception in The Gateway Building, which is refunded when they turn up for the journey.


The deadline for travel requests for each event must be agreed between Employability and Careers and Assistant Campus Manager Suzanne Harrison on extension 8211.


Click on this link and the SU will inform you of availability.


If there are not enough passengers for the minibus, students can make their own way to Colchester Campus and travel costs, up to £18, will be reimbursed by Finance on the second floor of The Forum. Their £2 deposit will also be refunded.




Suzanne Harrison – Assistant Campus Manager - September 2017


1 September 2017

Generic Timetabling and Room Booking Email Address (Southend Campus)

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Please be aware that we now have a generic timetabling/room booking email address for Southend Campus:

Think southend campus timetabling (sctt).

This will help us keep all the timetabling requests in one place in the absence of a Timetabling Officer at Southend Campus throughout the summer and autumn term.



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Log everything! – Planet FM link is located here…

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The web portal link for staff to log faults is as below.  This link can also be found on the Estate Management web pages under Helpdesk and Services and will be updated in the BUG and on SharePoint in due course.

If you have already registered with fault reporting you do not need to do anything as all information has been transferred over.  If you have not, register your details with our Helpdesk and then you can report faults online.  Once you’ve logged the fault, we’ll send you an email to let you know we’re working on it.


Many thanks,

Tamsin Newman

Business Support Manager

Estate Management Section

University of Essex





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