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10 November 2017

Stephen Adshead visits Prince of Songkla University in Thailand

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Stephen Adshead from the School of Health and Social Care has just returned from a trip to Thailand taking advantage of the Erasmus+ program.

He said: “I very much enjoyed my visit to the Faculty of Nursing, Prince of Songkla University (PSU). I have returned with lots of new insights into cross-cultural nursing and higher education in the ASEAN area. In particular, I was interested in the impact Western culture has had on the development and maintenance of drug-induced psychosis in young adults in the industrial centres.

“Because of the continuing reliance, mainly in rural areas, on the traditional ‘extended-family’ system for most health and welfare needs, there is currently an emphasis on building a collective resilience among communities, rather than the empowerment and recovery of individual service-users, as is the model employed in the UK.

The PSU campus contains fifteen faculties and one graduate school on the edge of Hat Yai city, 60 km from the Malaysian border. The city is the trade centre of Southern Thailand and is populated by a diverse mix of Malaysian Muslim, Chinese Buddhist and traditional Thai Buddhist ethnic groups with very few European tourists. The area has seen some political unrest in the past.

Among the nursing staff there was a strong connection with the US medical model, dating back to post World War One when His Royal Highness Prince Mahidol Adulyadej, Prince of Songkla and his wife were medical and nursing students there.

Steve said: “I would especially like to thank the Dean, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aranya Chaowalit; the Associate Dean for Research, Graduate Studies and International Affairs, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Waraporn Kongsuwan; and the Head of Psychiatric Nursing Assoc. Prof. Dr. Orawan Nukaew for their hospitality and generosity in providing me with teaching and learning opportunities.”

PLEASE NOTE: If any other members of staff are interested in visiting PSU there are still grants available.  These can be accessed through Camille Jungwirth, International Visits Officer, Essex Abroad, University of Essex (+44 (0)1206 872870;

Stephen Adshead in Thailand

New Cycle App

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25 September 2017

University of Essex White Boards

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If, at the end of your lecture, you would like the notes to remain on the white board, please add a notice saying PLEASE LEAVE. Otherwise the boards will be wiped clean in preparation for the next session.


White Board



8 September 2017

Get the BUG

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The updated Buildings User Guide (BUG) can now be found on SharePoint. The BUG is an operations manual that details the access control arrangements and other building related matters for The Gateway Building, The Forum, Clifftown Studios and University Square.

The link to the BUG is on the right hand side of the front page. 





Rooms to rent year round at University Square

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Event Essex now has up to 61 single en-suite rooms available year round at our Southend Campus, increasing to 109 rooms between the July – September, subject to availability, with a minimum stay one night. The Event Essex team often speaks to staff ,who are working with businesses that are looking for accommodation, or even staff who have started working at the University and need accommodation themselves.


There are affordable packages for groups and individuals as well as staff rates. Additionally residential conferences can also be arranged as there is classroom space available to hire, subject to availability. Email Mark Smith (Business Development Manager – Event Essex) at to find out more.


Need a minibus to Colchester?

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If there is a particular Employability and Careers event at Colchester campus, you would like to encourage students to attend, The Students’ Union 16-seater minibus can be used to take them there.


The minibus can be reserved for a minimum of six students, who pay a £2 deposit when they book their place with ground floor reception in The Gateway Building, which is refunded when they turn up for the journey.


The deadline for travel requests for each event must be agreed between Employability and Careers and Assistant Campus Manager Suzanne Harrison on extension 8211.


Click on this link and the SU will inform you of availability.


If there are not enough passengers for the minibus, students can make their own way to Colchester Campus and travel costs, up to £18, will be reimbursed by Finance on the second floor of The Forum. Their £2 deposit will also be refunded.




Suzanne Harrison – Assistant Campus Manager - September 2017


1 September 2017

Generic Timetabling and Room Booking Email Address (Southend Campus)

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Please be aware that we now have a generic timetabling/room booking email address for Southend Campus:

Think southend campus timetabling (sctt).

This will help us keep all the timetabling requests in one place in the absence of a Timetabling Officer at Southend Campus throughout the summer and autumn term.



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Log everything! – Planet FM link is located here…

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The web portal link for staff to log faults is as below.  This link can also be found on the Estate Management web pages under Helpdesk and Services and will be updated in the BUG and on SharePoint in due course.

If you have already registered with fault reporting you do not need to do anything as all information has been transferred over.  If you have not, register your details with our Helpdesk and then you can report faults online.  Once you’ve logged the fault, we’ll send you an email to let you know we’re working on it.


Many thanks,

Tamsin Newman

Business Support Manager

Estate Management Section

University of Essex





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