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18 November 2019

Top Lines

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The latest issue of Top Lines is now available.

Top Lines is a regular briefing for all staff from the Vice-Chancellor summarising the key debates and decisions of University Steering Group (USG), Senate, Resources Committee, and Council.

It explains the background, context and rationale for decisions and is an important mechanism for sharing information with staff. All members of University staff are encouraged to subscribe to receive Top Lines direct by emailing the Communications Office and all Top Lines issues are available in the password protected area of the University website.







Opportunities to use Southend Student Ambassadors

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We currently have a team of Southend Student Ambassadors who work on events such as our Open Day, Applicant Days and Campus Tours. Our ambassadors are looking for more opportunities to work on campus and become more engaged with the university. If you have any events that could benefit from student staff or administrative tasks they can help with then please do let me know.

Student Ambassadors are paid at a rate of £8.59 per hour (with an additional 12.007% holiday pay cost per hour). Any questions, or if you would like to discuss this further then please contact me on



Cross University Research Event – 18.11.2019

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Southend nursing students update

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Recently, it has been an eventful time for Southend nursing students.

Here’s just some of the activities they have been engaged in:

World Mental Health Day

On World Mental Health Day, 10 October, one of our Community Fellow`s (Shurleea Hardy) and a member of the Mental Health Nursing Team (Ed Holt) organised another Learning by Lived Experience day for the first year MSc and BSc Mental Health Nursing Students. The day brought together volunteers who have experience of living with psychological distress or caring for those with psychological distress, and staff form the mental health nursing team. Together they explored issues that would assist in students learning from experience. Each mental health nursing team member facilitated a group in which students were encouraged to ask questions from those sharing their experiences.

Students evaluated the day extremely well, and found this opportunity to be valuable and helped them to challenge some of their preconceived ideas about mental illness.

Cheyne Truman becomes Editor for Adult Nursing at Student Nursing Times

Cheyne Truman (third year BSc Adult Nursing student) has been selected as the Student Nursing Times editor for Adult Nursing.  Cheyne offers an introduction below.






Hi, I’m Cheyne and am just beginning my 3rd Year of my Adult Nursing at the Southend campus, University of Essex.

I originate from Zimbabwe. I`m a mature student, so I like to think that I have some life experience that I use in both my academic and student nurse practice . I haven’t followed the traditional route of going straight to University after leaving school. I think being a mature student does have its advantages in so far as I have acquired a range of skills in the workplace whilst also having had the experience of organisational dynamics and thinking. This experience has shaped my many perspectives and appreciation of the importance of equality and diversity issues.

Last year, I was shortlisted for the the Student Nursing Times Awards.  I also had a short article published last year in Student Nursing Times. This prompted me to think about applying for one of the 6, Editorial positions that the Student Nursing Times advertise.

As the 6 places are open to all student nurses in the UK, I honestly didn’t believe that I would get chosen, and to a large extent thought that I had been unsuccessful. My thinking was incorrect and imagine my surprise when the Editor himself phoned asking if I would still like to be on the Editorial team. At first, I didn’t quite believe this was happening, especially as I knew that Student Nursing Times only choose 6 editors out of the UK applicants.

I consider that the prestigious role of being a Student Nursing Times Editor is both an honour and a privilege. I am excited, motivated and will do my very best to fulfil this role, whilst of course having fun along the way. I am confident that my peers and the University staff will support me in this role and am very grateful for their support and the opportunity to learn form them.

The role will involve meeting deadlines for a number of blogs to be written for the on-line forum throughout the academic year and attendance at the Student Nursing Times Awards in April 2020. I’m pretty sure there is much more to the role but having just been offered this role, I have not quite got my “head around” it yet. It still seems a little surreal and I would encourage others to consider applying for next year.

One particular aspect of this role which I will thoroughly enjoy is representing and amplifying the student voice (particularly Adult Nursing). However, as many issues do cross disciplinary boundaries, I would consider that my voice will also represent and be applicable to the generic experiences of nursing students. I think student nurses are not just the nurses of the future, but are an extremely valuable healthcare group in their own right. For example, they are in a pivotal position to offer feedback on patient care, bring ideas for quality healthcare improvements, whilst also contributing and bringing awareness of the latest evidence base for practice. By being an Editor and being involved with Nursing Times, I hope that I will also inspire others students to contribute their valuable experience to the student experience and nursing as a whole.

Celebrating Black History Month








Amma Frimpong

Amma Frimpong a final year MSc Adult nursing student collaborated with a number of fellow students, lecturing staff and the Students Union to host an event to celebrate Black History Month (BHM) on the 31 October in the Students Union space at Southend. The event which showcased many Black Nursing Leaders from around the world, African traditional skills and other interesting associations with BHM was a chance to learn, exchange similarities between cultures and ethnicities, recognise and celebrate the enormous contributions that the black community have and continue to make worldwide.  The day was a huge success and provided an opportunity for people from all backgrounds to come together to further share experiences, discuss pertinent issues and celebrate the importance of diversity in our society.













Nursing Students attend the Nursing Times Careers Fair

Student nurses form the Southend Campus attended the Nursing Times Careers fair on 2 November in London. It was a chance to meet with employers and to ascertain the opportiutnties that were available for them once qualified. Throughout the day, there were also a number of presentations that focused on nursing careers.

RCN Student Ambassadors

Rosina Chapman (third year BSc adult nursing student and  Abiodun Atunrase (third year BSc mental health student) recently attended the Royal College of Nursing  Student Ambassadors conference in Cardiff. As explained by the Royal College of nursing:  RCN Student Ambassadors are a voluntary network of student members who work to support and share information with fellow students. This opportunity is available for nursing students who are passionate, want to make a difference, have energy and enthusiasm, and are keen to become active within the RCN.

Further information is available from:







Abiodun Atunrase at the conference in Cardiff

Cheyne Truman inspires at the Nursing Times Careers fair

Cheyne Truman (third year BSc Adult Nursing Student) was invited to speak at the Nursing Times Career fair on Saturday 2 November. Cheyne’s discussion as part of the panel with the Editor of the Nursing Times highlighted the importance of self-care and key messages included the role of a student nurse in practice as an advocate for self and others. She also helped to give advice to other students on how to handle challenging placement situations. She also gave reflective accounts of various experiences as a mature student.

A number of our other students from the Southend campus attended the event and spared no praise on how Cheyne’ presentation inspired and motivated them. Cheyne`s presentation was well received by the audience with many admiring her leadership qualities.







Are you OK?

Leah Mercer (a first year mental health student) at Southend has set up the “Are you OK”? Campaign. The campaign aims to highlight the difficulties that may present when people are out for the night, and to encourage people to ask if the people who appear to be in distress are okay. For further information, please see:







Army Careers talk

Corporal Rose Boswell, based at Sandhurst visited the Southend campus to talk to interested students about a career in the army post qualifying.  The students who attended found the presentation very informative and it provided an insight to the many facets of being a nurse in Her Majesty forces. Corporal Boswell, who entered the army post qualifying, spoke about her own career since joining the forces and outlined the rewards and challenges she faced. Students expressed their gratitude to having this opportunity and remarked on how nursing as a career provides so many other opportunities than what they first envisaged.

Students engage and influence Health Education England conference agenda








Third year BSc Mental Health nursing student Jola Tong and  third year BSc Adult Nursing student Cheyne Truman are working with HEE in the organisation, topic content and delivery of the earner Mental Wellbeing conference: Championing Mental Wellbeing in the NHS workforce. The conference will build on five themes

  1. Being human
  2. The value of self-care
  3. Social connection
  4. Rest and relaxation
  5. Wellbeing in the digital age
  6. Suicide, bereavement and support

which reflect findings from the NHS staff and learners mental wellbeing commission report  which is available from





Amma shares

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Amma Frimpong a MSc final year Adult Nursing student shares an insight into the charity work that she carries out in the UK and Ghana.

I go to Ghana each year to visit my parents for a couple of weeks which I always look forward to.  2 years ago I decided to visit a Charity that supports young Muslim girls in education so that they are not forced into marriage from a very young age. This charity has a community centre where over 200 girls walk in each day to receive help with homework and engage with other fun activities. I heard about how they print off stories from the internet to read and I decided to set up a reading club for these girls. So I came back from holiday and started asking libraries, primary schools and friends for their withdrawn and used library books. We had almost 5000 books which were shipped over to start the first reading club.

It was such as joy to see the children improve on their reading and writing so I knew that this project had come to stay. This year, I also launched another reading club in another deprived area for 150 children donating almost 2000 books. With the help of friends, I organised an event for Black history month at the Student union lounge and made bags to sell to support the reading club projects in Ghana.

If you are interested in helping the charity by purchasing a bag that Amma makes, please contact Amma via email.

To see a youtube video about Shining Stars reading club visit:

To find out more and see some photographs about Bridging Families, visit:







Climate strike

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Climate strike has been named as Collins Dictionary’s word of 2019. Issues around climate breakdown are becoming more and more obvious as the days go by. For many people the time to act to mitigate the worst effects of our rapidly changing climate is now. In many respects this has particular significance for the caring professions such as social work and nursing, who work with the most vulnerable people in society. Stephen Jordan has organised an event to discuss the links between social justice and climate change in Southend Gateway Building which you may be interested in attending:





Have your say in town centre developments

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The SUNRISE project at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council would like to invite and welcome residents (staff and students) and businesses from Southend to attend a drop in event on Friday 22 November 2019 at The Forum.

The aim of the event will be to share with residents and businesses the results from the survey done in August/September 2019. The purpose of the survey was to hear what changes people would like to see in the space between College Way on London Road and the top end of the High Street including Victoria Circus in order to regenerate this space.   The major projects team and project manager Chris Styles will share with businesses the proposed plans, based on the results of the survey and gather your thoughts and feedback for consideration into the final designs.

Further details at:







11 November 2019

NEW to Southend – Laptop loans

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Southend has now launched the Laptop Loan Service.   There are 36 laptops available for loan, which students can access 24/7, 365 days a year from our new self-service laptop kiosk located in The Forum Learning Hub.

Further details about the Laptop Loan Service including instructions can be found online at

We’d be very grateful if you could help raise awareness of this new Library and IT service in Southend to your students and other staff in your area as well as remembering that this service is available when planning activities.








Reduce your carbon impact whilst hosting meetings in Southend

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In order to contribute to reducing carbon emissions, the University will now be offering only meat-free catering at all committee meetings and committee events in 2019-20.  You too can do the same by simply choosing the vegetarian or vegan option when ordering your catering from Essex Food in Southend (







The Think Series

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