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21 October 2019

Collection of confidential shredding

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Requesting bags and the collection of shredding:

Can staff please put items that they require to be shredded in to the designated shredding bags, the bags can now be requested on Planet.

Security will collect the shredding bags and take them to The Gateway Building loading bay for shredding – but this also needs to be requested via Planet please.

Please note the recent feedback from Estates is that they have collected a lot of shredding bags which have contained items such as empty coffee cups and folders – which are obviously not supposed to be in there.  Please ensure the bags are only full of shredding.

All items of shredding MUST be secured inside a shredder bag.

Green Impact – Recycling Crisp Packets

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 University staff in The Forum are trialling a collection point (in the tea point) to collect empty crisp packets for recycling as part of the Walkers recycling scheme (  It accepts crisp packets from any brand as long as they’re empty.  When we have enough, we’ll be forwarding them to a local collection point.  After cleaning, packets are shredded and used to make other plastic products such as outdoor furniture, trays and flooring.  If you’re setting up a collection point in your area, let Zoe know ( so we can collate packets before forwarding.

Recycle and earn money for charity

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