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14 December 2018

Make A Change…

Filed under: Southend Bulletin — Nicola Paine @ 5:09 am

Make A Change is working to help people overcome their addictions and other problems that lead them to start begging. Please support this vital work by changing the way you give and donating to one of the charities and initiatives on our website.

Change how you give and donate to a local charity. The majority of street beggars in Southend are not homeless. Most have access to accommodation and welfare support and some actually travel into the borough purely for the purpose of begging.

Giving money directly on the street can do more harm than good. A recent Thames Reach Outreach Team found that 80% of people use begging to fund a drug or alcohol addiction – change the way you give and donate to a local homeless charity instead. Please visit the website above.


Alert Streetlink about someone sleeping rough. Call 0300 500 0914 or visit

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