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9 November 2018

Little Choices, Big Changes – #LCBC Number 1 – Take your own cup

Filed under: Southend Bulletin — Nicola Paine @ 8:24 am

Take away hot drinks cups are difficult to recycle and create unnecessary waste.  You can do your bit to help reduce waste by taking your own reusable cup to a number of the coffee outlets, including our very own SU Lounge.

The SU is currently offering University of Essex Students’ Union branded travel mugs for £2.99 which will give you 5p off every time you use it in the SU Lounge (and a cup of tea or coffee is only 50p!).  To discourage single-use cups, they’re introducing a charge of 10p per takeaway cup so if you take your own, you’ll still make a saving.

Some of the offers elsewhere in town include:

  • Costa offers 25p off any hot or cold drink when served in a reusable cup and will recycle any takeaway cup left or returned to stores
  • Starbucks will take 25p off your drink if you take your own reusable takeaway cup
  • Nero gives you two loyalty stamps per drink when you take your own cup, rather than the normal one stamp

So go on, make a little choice for a big change and BYO!

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