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12 January 2018

Schwartz Rounds

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Schwartz Rounds.

In collaboration with the Point of Care Foundation the University of Essex is being supported to introduce Schwartz Rounds, a group reflective practice forum which provides an opportunity for staff from all disciplines to reflect on the emotional aspects of their work.

What is a Schwartz Round?

Schwartz Rounds provide a structured forum where staff from all backgrounds comes together to talk about the emotional and social challenges of working in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The aim is to offer staff a safe environment where they can share their Stories and offer support to each other. The Schwartz Centre for Compassionate Health care was founded in memory of a patient, Kenneth Schwartz, by his family with the mission of strengthening the relationship between caregivers and patients. Before he died, he wrote movingly about the positive impact of receiving compassionate care and described how it made ‘the unbearable bearable’. At the same time he recognised the emotional cost to the staff this involved. This idea is now being rolled out in other services e.g. HEI’s.

Two members of academic staff from School of Health and Social Care, Alison Taylor- Lamb and Tina Lewis- McGlynn based at Southend Campus have undertaken the Schwartz facilitator training.

They recently facilitated a round with the first year Adult and Mental Health Nurses. The process involves inviting 3 members of staff   to tell a story from practice  , three 3rd year students  from Adult and Mental Health were invited to share  their stories of “A mentor I’ll never forget “.

The round was positively evaluated and another round will be facilitated for these students in the near future.

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