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19 January 2018

Keep up-to-date on University news

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You can read more about key decisions at our University and capital development projects in the pipeline by signing up to Top Lines emails by emailing the Communications Office. You can also visit the Top Lines webpages. Top Lines is a regular briefing on the key issues, debates and decisions of University Steering Group (USG), Senate, Strategy and Resources Committee (SRC) and Council. You’ll need to enter in your login and password to access Top Lines online.

Also keep an eye out for Essex Weekly, the e-newsletter for staff, which will drop into your inbox each week. You can also check out Essex Daily, the blog for staff, for updates on everything from the latest research and events to staff news and estate updates.




Mind Hacks Workshops in Southend – 31/01/18

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Mind Hacks (Series)

The Mind Hack series is a newly-developed set of workshops focusing on how our cognitive skills can be enhanced for the purposes of both our working and personal lives. We have a day of events scheduled in Southend as below:-
Growth Mindset
Wednesday 31 January, 9.30 – 11.00am in TF.2.13 (Southend)
This session will cover the pivotal research findings from Professor Carol Dweck in relation to the ‘Growth Mindset’ – the willingness and positive attitude to develop professionally. We will be looking at some of the ways in which you can develop your Growth Mindset and better understand your learning processes; aiding your own and your colleagues’ working experience. We will also see how this positive mindset differs to that of a Fixed Mindset and how you can consistently avoid bad habits.

Wednesday 31 January, 12.00 – 1.30pm in TF.2.13 (Southend)
This session will be an overview of memory and the different ways in which we process, store and retrieve information that we encounter. This will be a practical workshop involving exercises that you can try out; including memorisation techniques for use in your working life (such as remembering your Essex ID and password) and for social situations (such as putting names to faces). Overall, we will be promoting how memory can better your productivity and efficiency.

Getting Things Done
Wednesday 31 January, 1.30 – 3.00pm in TF.2.13 (Southend)
This session will look into the popular working methodology of ‘Getting Things Done’, a time management technique first introduced by David Allen. We will be looking at what practical steps you can take to focus and prioritise your attention to various parts of your workload. This session will offer you the opportunity to consider your own perspective relating to goal completion and how you can reflect on your working habits.

Critical and Creative Thinking (New)
Wednesday 31 January, 3.00 – 4.30pm in TF.2.13 (Southend)
The Mind Hack series is a newly-developed set of workshops focusing on how our cognitive skills can be enhanced for the purposes of both our working and personal lives. This session – Critical and Creative Thinking – will invite you to consider your own critical awareness and creativity levels and witness how the two terms are actually similar in their manifestation. There will be practical activities available for you to consider which elements of critical and creative thinking could be used to strengthen approaches to given situations.

If you are able to attend, please book via HR Organiser.

The Forum Building

Thinking Of Volunteering?

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Thinking of volunteering? Come along to the launch of the Volunteering-on-Sea exhibition which will be hosted in the SU Lounge Lobby from Monday 22 January for a week.

This exhibition showcases the experiences of our students who have supported charities in Southend through volunteering. Find out how volunteering can benefit your employability skills and discover how to get involved.



The Samaritans are holding an information session on how to become a “Listening Volunteer” on Tuesday 23 January on 2pm in TF 2.13.

To help you consider whether you could be a listening volunteer try this simple test: George is 75, and in constant pain from cancer. Would it be right for him to take an overdose? Difficult to decide? That’s fine, at Samaritans we don’t make decisions or advise people – we listen. You do not need any special qualification and we welcome anyone over 18 to consider joining our organisation. Come along to this information session and find out more about your potential as a Samaritan.





Open Seminar by Max Maher – Friday 2 February 2018

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PhD candidate Max Maher from the Department of Psycholosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies will be presenting an open seminar on Friday 2 February. Find out more by clicking on the link below.


Clifftown Theatre presents:

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27 Jan, 4pm
Tickets: £5
Clifftown Theatre, Southend

Every year 4000 Dark Bellied Brent Geese migrate 2500 miles from Northern Siberia to the south Essex coast. Wild Story is spreading the word of this incredible journey and the rare goose that lives in Southend, in a magical, heart-warming adventure of one little goose who gets left behind, and must make the journey alone. Told with music, narration and puppetry.

Wild Story produces wild and wonderful local stories of history, folklore and wildlife. This showing is a work in progress, following which workshops with local community groups will further develop the project through their creative input. Please come along and share your ideas with us! Suitable for families and all ages.

the lost leigh goose


1 Feb, 8pm
Tickets: £6
Clifftown Theatre, Southend

Celebrating the 100th anniversary year of Joan Littlewood’s birth, this acclaimed 5* production is a depply idiosyncratic tribute to the woman many consider to be the mother of modern theatre.

A biographical work incorporating song, dance and shadow puppetry this production is never the same twice!

‘Gemski doesn’t miss a trick!’ Manchester Theatre Awards
‘An amazing tour de force’ Remote Goat
‘Outstanding show!’ Fringe Review

Joan Babs and Shelagh too

12 January 2018

Looking after our campus

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As we get into the swing of a new term, it is important we all play our part in helping to maintain the quality and cleanliness of the campus, particularly focusing on our teaching spaces.

Could I please remind all staff only water should be taken into lecture rooms and the lecture theatre.  No food, hot drinks or other soft drinks are allowed in lecture rooms and we ask that you remind people of this should the situation arise.  Lecture rooms should all have signage to this effect (if signage is missing, please let us know).  This is to help maintain the cleanliness of rooms.      We had a number of incidents of hot drinks spillages in lecture rooms last term and these weren’t reported which makes it much harder to clean.   Please report any spillages straight away to or call the helpdesk for the relevant building (numbers are in the lecture rooms).  The sooner spillages are reported, the easier they are to clean.

There are recycling bins in communal areas for all waste and staff and students should be encouraged to use these.  Please do not leave any rubbish in lecture rooms.

Thank you for your help in maintaining our Southend Campus

Lecture Room SD Campus



University News

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Following Council’s endorsement, we have published the University’s Financial Regulations for 2017/18 on the Finance SharePoint; we have also recently updated our Q&A section on annual parties/activities and the use of Airbnb.  Additional Financial Procedure Notes and guidance can be found on the ‘Compliance’ page of the Finance SharePoint.

If you have any suggestions about guidance required or questions about published policy, colleagues should in the first instance speak to their Departmental/School/Section Manager or Finance Assistant; if they are not able to resolve your query then please contact me using the email account; this will be monitored by colleagues in my absence to minimise any delay to queries.

any thanks and happy new year.


Senior Financial Analyst (Quality Assurance)

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Residence Life Are Recruiting

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Residence Life are now recruiting student staff for 2018/19.  We are looking for students who want to live in University accommodation and enjoy helping others to make the most of their University experience.  This is a paid position which gives great experience to students.  Any questions please email Rosie at


Mental Health Team News

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We are very proud to announce that two graduates from the Work Based Learning Mental Health Nursing BSc. Programme in the Southend Campus, Karolina Walewska and Emma Hodgetts visited Berlin in October 2017 to present their poster at the 27th Alzheimer European Conference “Care today, cure tomorrow” Their presentation centred on introducing a new role of dementia nurses in post-diagnostic support process for people living with dementia and was well received by the delegates from around Europe


Schwartz Rounds

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Schwartz Rounds.

In collaboration with the Point of Care Foundation the University of Essex is being supported to introduce Schwartz Rounds, a group reflective practice forum which provides an opportunity for staff from all disciplines to reflect on the emotional aspects of their work.

What is a Schwartz Round?

Schwartz Rounds provide a structured forum where staff from all backgrounds comes together to talk about the emotional and social challenges of working in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The aim is to offer staff a safe environment where they can share their Stories and offer support to each other. The Schwartz Centre for Compassionate Health care was founded in memory of a patient, Kenneth Schwartz, by his family with the mission of strengthening the relationship between caregivers and patients. Before he died, he wrote movingly about the positive impact of receiving compassionate care and described how it made ‘the unbearable bearable’. At the same time he recognised the emotional cost to the staff this involved. This idea is now being rolled out in other services e.g. HEI’s.

Two members of academic staff from School of Health and Social Care, Alison Taylor- Lamb and Tina Lewis- McGlynn based at Southend Campus have undertaken the Schwartz facilitator training.

They recently facilitated a round with the first year Adult and Mental Health Nurses. The process involves inviting 3 members of staff   to tell a story from practice  , three 3rd year students  from Adult and Mental Health were invited to share  their stories of “A mentor I’ll never forget “.

The round was positively evaluated and another round will be facilitated for these students in the near future.

School of Health and Social Care