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3 August 2018

Top Lines

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Top Lines is a regular briefing for all staff from the Vice-Chancellor summarising the key issues, debates and decisions of University Steering Group (USG), Senate, Resources Committee, and Council. Take a look at the latest issue.

You can read more about key decisions at our University and capital development projects in the pipeline by signing up to Top Lines emails by emailing the Communications Office. You can also visit the Top Lines webpages. Top Lines is a regular briefing on the key issues, debates and decisions of University Steering Group (USG), Senate, Strategy and Resources Committee (SRC) and Council. You’ll need to enter in your login and password to access Top Lines online.

Also keep an eye out for Essex Weekly, the e-newsletter for staff, which will drop into your inbox each week. You can also check out Essex Daily, the blog for staff, for updates on everything from the latest research and events to staff news and estate updates.







Financial Compliance

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I am pleased to announce that following approval by Council, we have published the new Financial Regulations for 20018/19.

Alongside this, we have also reviewed and updated all of our Financial Procedure Notes (FPNs); which also feature additional information on the front cover regarding version control and updates made.

All of these documents can be found on the Finance SharePoint.

This review and publication process has been brought forward compared to previous years; this is so the new Financial Regulations are in place ready for the start of the new year.


Senior Financial Analyst (Quality Assurance)




Policy Statement on the Payment of Subscriptions to Professional Organisations and Bodies

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We have recently issued a policy statement on the payment of subscriptions to professional organisations and bodies.  In essence, we are saying that the University will only pay subscriptions where it can be clearly demonstrated that there is an overwhelming benefit to the University. Take a look at our Compliance FAQ’s to find out more or see FPN 4 – Subscriptions and Personal Benefits.

Welcome 2018 – Show Us Your Essex Spirit

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Welcome 2018 – show us your Essex spirit!

Welcome is one of our biggest and most exciting points in the University calendar and this year we want to build on our successes to create the best Welcome period Essex has ever seen.  Just like last year, we want as many of our staff and students as possible to get involved in helping us create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Everyone has a part to play and the more of us that take part the better the affect will be.

We would like everyone, no matter what their role or position within our University, to be part of our Welcome team in Southend. We want our new students to be greeted by smiling faces, by staff that are willing to help, to help them find their way around campus and to make them feel like an important part of our unique community.  If you are able to take one step further and volunteer for an official role as part of Arrivals Day, Registration or Welcome, please fill in our quick form, letting us know your availability during the Welcome period and the kind of duties you’d be happy to perform.

For more details visit the VC’s blog at


Travel Insurance Application Process

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The travel insurance application process has now been upgraded to an online system; please note that there are some changes on the online form that mean the old word version is now defunct and should no longer be used.

The Finance SharePoint also has a link to this online form, as well as information about risk assessments and the University’s insurance policies etc.



The Southend Festival

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Inspired by Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Southend BID will be creating a six-week long programme of cultural events using BID businesses and the public realm, including the town centre, seafront and Southend Pier. Taking place from Sunday 1st July to Wednesday 15th August, the itinerary features a combination of art, comedy, music, literature and performance, including the Southend Art Trail, comedy previews, literary talks and live music. A full event listing can be found here.


The Forum Big Screen

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Please see the below link for details of the summer screenings on The Forum Big Screen:-