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October 3, 2013

Frontrunner plus software tester for MEFE project

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Hi Everyone

My name’s Richy and I’m the new software tester Frontrunner Plus for the MEFE project.

I’m a third year Computer Science student here at the University of Essex and will have been involved with Frontrunners for two years now having previously been the Screencast Frontrunner also for the IT Training and Engagement Team.

My software tester Frontrunner Plus tasks will mainly involve:

  • Communicating upcoming changes on the MEFE Moodle page, along with getting opinions from users about any suggested changes. This will involve communicating with everyone that is signed up to the Moodle news forum, making inquiries about any issues that people might have with the system and gathering user feedback and suggestions.
  • Testing new features on the development environment to ensure everything works as expected on all supported browsers before these features roll into the live environment. This will involve me testing any new planned features to make sure as many bugs as possible are resolved before a feature is made live. Sadly bugs will always get through to the live environment. However, our aim is to resolve as many of these as possible before hand.
  • Assisting the development team with support and communication for any changes or bug fixes that might appear. This will mainly be a support role whereby I might be visiting users of the system in order to log any issues and relaying these back to the development team, as well as managing all communications from the time an issue is reported to once it’s resolved.

I will also be regularly updating this blog with any new features that might be coming to FASer along with any happenings that I might be involved in.

Richard Howard Bent-Marshall
Software Tester Frontrunner Plus
IT Training and Engagement Team
Information System Services

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