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July 8, 2013

Welcome to the Assessment and Feedback – Making Electronic Feedback Effective blog

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This is the home of news updates for the technical developments to the current Online Coursework Submission (OCS) system.

Following on from talks that have been underway since early 2013, there is a wider Assessment and Feedback programme of discussions going on at the university that is being led by Learning and Development and championed by Professor Jane Wright, PVC Academic Standards. The MEFE project is one of the subsidiaries of these discussions.  It is centered on the themes of:

  • assessment and feedback good practice;
  • e-marking, e-feedback, e-assessments; and
  • the Learning Technology Teams’ own ideas for developments to OCS.

We have assembled information about the numerous ways in which academics, students and administrators can see room for improvement and engagement with electronic submission, assessments and feedback. Over the next year we will be making some substantial changes to the OCS to handle e-marking and e-feedback; as well as giving it a new name to encompass these other, wider concepts.

How we will communicate with you about changes:

We will communicate, predominately via our blog, any changes we are making, and are due to make over the life of the technical project.

  • We also have a self-enrolable Moodle course that guides users through the new developments and documentation that we will sometimes link to (this is only available for Essex staff and students).
  • We will send news articles to “Campus Updates” when there are “bundles” of developments all being released at once.
  • There is a new “Contact us” form within OCS for you to get support, log technical problems, or send enquiries about the project developments.
  • We will send relevant targeted e-mails to DA’s, HODs, administrators, academics etc, when there is a feature or item that is changing, which will be of particular interest to that user group.

We are hoping the developments will be as seamless as possible and we will try and to deploy changes at the most suitable times of year for users of the system. Our next blog will outline what changes we are actually going to make and what our testing procedure is.


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