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22 August 2012

Want to know how to use Twitter in your teaching and research?

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The London School of Economics and Political Science have created a free, downloadable resource on how Twitter could be useful to you in your research, teaching and impact activities.

Read it to find out about:

  • Building your following and managing your profile
  • Using Twitter to maximise the impact of your research project
  • Making the most of Twitter alongside your own blog
  • Using course accounts with students
  • A step by step guide to adding a Twitter feed to Moodle
  • Extra resources and links to blog posts and articles on academic blogging and impact

While you’re at it, why not start following the Learning Technology Team on Twitter?

Happy Tweeting!

16 August 2012

The next Big Things in e-learning

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If you want to be ahead of the crowd when it comes to e-learning, try reading up on the next 10 Big Things for e-learning, according to the Open University Innovating Pedagogy report:

They reckon the themes will be:

(Click on the links for a summary).

Happy reading!

8 August 2012

Moodle training

Filed under: Information,Moodle,Moodle 2 upgrade — Alex ONeill @ 4:16 pm

If you’re getting a little lost in the new Moodle 2, we are running some more training dates on “What’s new in Moodle 2?” in September. Have a look at our training pages to check the dates and book yourself onto a course.

We are also running some other Moodle courses in the Autumn term - check out what training courses we offer.

Look forward to seeing you there!

3 August 2012

Join our mailing lists!

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To make sure we can keep you up-to-date with all changes on our various e-learning systems, sign up to the relevant mailing list(s) by clicking on the links below:

You’ll be asked to login with your regular Essex username and password and then all you need to do is click on the Join button.

2 August 2012

Moodle is now more secure

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As part of our ongoing improvements to Moodle this summer, we have now enabled some additional security features. This should be fairly seamless for most users, and you’ll see that Moodle is now using a secure connection. However, in some places there may still be references to nonsecure content; don’t be alarmed, this is to be expected.

In order to cope with this, you will need to:


Depending on your web browser, you will be shown a pop-up, similar to the one on the right. This will alert you to the mixed content on the page. The default option will be to ignore the nonsecure content, preventing it from being viewed. However, you should press the other option, to show nonsecure content.


This error will normally occur if you are including content from another website, such as images, or videos. The solution is to check the link, and ensure that it starts with https:// instead of http://. If this doesn’t work, or you are having problems when trying this, please contact the Learning Technology Team.