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October 11, 2016

Who’s using Lynda? Part 2 featuring Chris Saker, Lecturer in Mathematics

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Part two of the Lynda video series features Chris Saker, Lecturer in Mathematics. Chris explains how he incorporates Lynda courses directly into his modules to enhance his students’ learning experience. Click on the image to see the video or view the transcript below:

SakerChrisYou’ve been watching some Lynda videos, which sort of videos have you watched?

“Primarily I was watching videos that were relating to one of the modules I was teaching and last year I taught a first year module for our mathematical sciences students ‘An introduction to computing’ and one of the packages that they have to learn for that module is MatLab and so I was looking for any videos that could support them in learning MatLab.”

How do you plan to integrate these into your teaching?

“The time of year that became aware of Lynda was actually after the spring term had already finished so I used them for the students primarily as a revision tool. There was a MatLab course on available Lynda and it was actually quite a long course it had more information that the students needed for the module that I was teaching them so what I was able to do was go through and make a playlist of all of the parts of the course that were relevant to the students because the whole course is obviously made up of a series of shorter videos so I was able to make a playlist of the bits that were useful to them and then make that available via Moodle to support them in their revision.”

What did you think of the videos and how easy did you find them to follow?

“I found the videos quite easy to follow I mean the large course that I looked at, as I say, was broken up into lots of subsections and the subsections all had names which related directly to the content of that short chunk of video, so it was a very easy process to go through this long course and pick out the pieces that I needed my students to see.”

Would you recommend using Lynda to others?

“Yes I absolutely would recommend that other people have a look at Lynda. I mean I was able to find a course that was directly relating to the content of the module that I was teaching. But even if that wasn’t the case, there are still videos that students would genuinely find useful. For example, I found there were videos on there for preparing for exams and for videos for helping with time management, so even if there isn’t something relating directly to your course, I’m sure you’ll find something on there that would be of use to your students.”

Is there anything else you’d like to say about Lynda?

“Yes, I think that Lynda will hopefully, moving forwards, fit in very well with existing ways I have of teaching. So I already make videos and upload them to Moodle for my students to see – now of course that means that they’re seeing me in their classes, or their labs or their lectures, and then when they’re watching the videos they’re hearing my voice again. So the hope is that seeing some of this material delivered by other people, who will naturally be using different ways of explaining things, will help reinforce some of the things that I’m trying to teaching my students and make for a better learning experience.”

Login to Lynda today and Watch, Listen, Learn, Do.

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October 4, 2016

See who’s using Lynda – Part 1 in our six part video series…

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The first video in the series introduces Josh O’Connor, the outgoing VP of Services and Communications, from the Students’ Union talking about how Lynda gives our students the opportunity to learn new skills that make them more employable. Click on the image to watch the video or view the transcript below:

OConnorJoshWhat sort of videos have you watched?

“Different coding videos so something like HTML, Trinity1 css, java script. Watching a few management videos as well, like project management. Using learning pathways which are the latest different course that help you on certain career path, which has actually been really useful for me.”

Is this for work or personal or both?

“I mean I’ve also wanted to do the coding stuff, so that was kinda personal, but I don’t know, I suppose it’s all about trying to make yourself a bit more employable and things like that nowadays. I do find the topics genuinely interesting which is always a bonus.”

What did you think of the videos and how easy did you find them to follow?

“Actually the videos are quite easy to follow. I actually watch them at like 1.5 times the speed that they normally play at, probably because I’m impatient. But they’re quite easy to follow and you can even watch them quicker than they’re supposed to be watched.”

Would you recommend Lynda to others?

“I have recommended to a lot of people. I’m actually leaving soon so I won’t have access to it, so I’m actually trying to convince my parents that’s it’s a good idea for them so that they’ll buy it and I can use it at home.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about Lynda?

“I think, when I heard the University were doing this trial I was quite excited. It’s a big investment for them but in terms of giving our students the opportunity to learn skills that are absolutely crucial to becoming employable, I think it’s worth every single penny and the more that you guys can push it and get it out there, the second people start watching these videos and realising just how much content and much opportunities there are to learn different things, they will definitely reap the rewards.”

Login to Lynda today and Watch, Listen, Learn, Do.

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July 15, 2016

Haven’t used Tell us why not…

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Even if you haven’t used yet, IT Services would love to know what you think of it and why you haven’t logged in yet, So, whatever your opinion, good or bad, please tell us about it. This is your chance to have a say – don’t be shy.

The survey should only take around 3 mins to complete and will give us valuable insight into how is being received here at Essex.

Thanks for your time.

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June 29, 2016

Academics are invited to a demo on integrating into module curriculum

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IT Services is holding a demonstration for all Academics on Tuesday 5 July 3pm to 4pm in EBS 1.1 at Colchester Campus. The session will also be open to our Southend and Loughton campuses via live video link (see below for details). You don’t need to book a place, just turn up.

The session will cover how videos can be used to supplement your teaching and enhance your students’ learning experience. A representative from will also be on hand to answer questions you may have.

In this demonstration you will:

  • discover how benefits the teaching and learning experience
  • explore the many great features in, designed to make learning engaging and accessible
  • see a practical demonstration of how to create playlists in and how to add videos to a Moodle course
  • hear about the 2016/17 new courses roadmap
  • find out how other UK institutions are using and possibilities for knowledge sharing is currently used in 50% of all UK universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and Southampton and more are looking to implement in the near future.

Some of you may have heard in the news recently that the UK is suffering from a significant digital skills gap and Universities, in particular, are being asked to explore ways in which this gap can be addressed. The East Anglia area, along with London and Scotland ‘come top of the league with over 80% of people having those skills’. One way Essex is addressing this is by offering all our staff and students a free subscription to

This is your opportunity to find out how you can actively engage with the tool and benefit from this valuable resource – we hope you can join us and help make a success!

Video link info for Southend and Loughton:

  • Southend: Room GB.2.18.
  • Loughton: E15 Director’s office.

Those unable to attend in person can watch the session afterwards via Listen Again.

Below are case studies from UCL explaining how they are using in their curriculum:

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June 10, 2016

Get job ready with and you could win a £50 Amazon voucher!

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Students on the lawnStudents – you could win a £50 Amazon voucher by watching Lynda videos over summer.

All you need to do is watch at least two hours of the ‘Job Ready playlist in the month of June to automatically be put into the prize draw.

You can watch Lynda videos wherever you are in the world on your computer, tablet or mobile device. At the beach or stuck up a mountain with no internet connection? No problem, just download videos before you go and watch them offline.

So whether you’re planning on landing that dream job or thinking about starting your own business, Lynda can help you learn the skills you need to become anything from a Songwriter to a 3D Character Animator, a Craft Business Owner to an iOS App Developer.

Logintoday. Feel empowered. Enhance your career prospects.

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