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October 9, 2017

[Service Alert] Problems affecting external calls including credit card payment machines

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Information Update: 11 October 2017, 14:45

The problem affecting use of credit card readers has been resolved.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Information Update: 10 October 2017, 12:30

Services have been restored to the point where credit card payments can be made from appropriate devices. A scheduled restart of the telephone system is required to restore full functionality. The date for this is to be confirmed.

Information Update: 10 October 2017, 11:00

Tests suggest that credit card devices should be able to make outbound calls. However inbound calls used by systems that interrogate building management systems may will still be affected.

Desk phones, faxes or lift alarm systems are not affected by this disruption.

Information Update: 10 October 2017, 10:30

Replacement parts have been sourced and replaced. Services should return to normal within the next 15 – 20 minutes.

Information Update: 10 October 2017, 10:00

Virginmedia engineers have been to site and have left to source a replacement power supply locally. If if this cannot be delivered within an hour then a secondary option is being explored. This option will take several hours to implement as engineers will be working on live electrical equipment.

We expect the services used by credit card readers to be returned at sometime today

Information Update: 14:45

Virginmedia need to send an engineer to site the earliest this can be arranged is tomorrow morning (10 October 2017).

Information Update: 13:30

The cause of the problem has been identified as within the trunk services provider’s system.  Virginmedia have been contacted.

Original Alert: 09 October 13:05

Payments by credit card machines connected via an analogue telephone line are affected by an intermittent problem that prevents a connection to an external location.

The system maintainer has been contacted and is investigating possible causes.

More information to follow.

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September 29, 2017

[Service Alert] Problem dialling into Loughton campus from external locations

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Information update: 13:30

The problem has been resolved

Original alert: 11:45

Due an error made by our service provider the external connection in and out of Loughton campus was terminated at some time during the afternoon or evening of 28 September 2017.

All calls in to the main number 0208 508 5983 or any of the local extensions at Loughton using the prefix 0208 418, currently end with the message: ” You have dialed an incorrect number”.

The resilience setting for scenarios like this is to route out bound calls from Loughton campus via the Colchester connection.

This is now in effect and all outbound calls from Loughton give the caller display 3333.

The service provider is working to reverse this error as a matter of highest urgency with an anticipated resolution later today.

Updates will follow this message.

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February 18, 2017

Service failure

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[Update: 16:35]

The remaining issues (Telephony and Conference Wi-fi) have been resolved and a full service restored.


[Update: 15:10]

We have staff working on and off campus. Some equipment that failed as a result of the power difficulties overnight is being switched out and once this has been completed, we’ll review the still outstanding issues and provide an update.


[Update: 12:00]

ListenAgain was returned to service at 11:45


[Update: 11:15]

All services are assessed as operating normally with the exception of:

  • Telephony: Incoming calls to the University can’t be answered (all campuses). Outgoing calls unaffected. For incoming calls, the call ID may be visible and you should be able to ring back.
  • Conference Wi-Fi service (EventEssex) is unavailable.
  • ListenAgain is unavailable.
  • There is a secondary issue unrelated to datacentre power affecting access to email using Outlook and on some mobile clients. However, it should be possible to access email using Webmail at

Next update: 15:00


[Update: 0430]

The problems affecting the home directories are mostly fixed. They should all be fully returned to service by 05:00


One of the University Datacentres lost power earlier today (18 Feb 2017), we believe as a result of a faulty environmental censor.

This resulted in the loss of many central IT facilities. Staff were onsite by 00:30 and most services were restored by 02:00. Some are still not available and will be worked on in due course.

Known issues at present are:

Moodle unavailable

Some home directories unavailable.

More information will be posted in due course.

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December 14, 2016

[Service Alert] Planned maintenance of telephone system – replacing aging components – 19 December 2016

Filed under: Telephone, [Resolved], [Scheduled], [Service Alert] — Andy Tyne @ 6:04 pm

IT Services will be moving a number of analogue telephone extensions from an aging part of the system to new components. This will be carried out in 4 phases each starting on the hour from 09:00, 19 December 2016. The anticipated period of disruption for each phase is up to 2 hrs, however we expect  it to be less than this.

Each batch will affect a range of locations at the same time. We have contacted all those users our records will allow us to, however we expect that some will have been missed due to information changes we are not aware of. If during the work, you believe you have been affected please email or contact the IT Services Helpdesk –, extn 2345 (from another phone naturally!).

We are doing this work as the aging parts of the system are no longer supported by our system maintainer and to rationalise the system.

We apologise for any unanticipated disconnections and for the inevitable disruption this may cause.

Confirmation of completion of each phase will follow.

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October 25, 2016

[Resolved] Re: Problem with SIP telephones

Filed under: Telephone, [Resolved] — Andy Tyne @ 5:05 pm

Following a widespread power cut, several network devices were compromised by the power demands on re-connection. As and when a notification of a problem was received, IT Services colleagues re enabled the network equipment to allow the SIP phones and other devices to resume operation.

If you experience any other telephone related issues please go to:

or email

Thank you for your patience with this problem.


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