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September 18, 2017

Update – Complete – Advanced notice of unavailability of M: drive server – Southend campus

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The scheduled work is now complete and isslx107 is once again serving M: drives to users. – 19th September, 0743

The M: drive server ( will be unavailable between 07:20 and 08:00 on Tuesday 19th September due to server maintenance.  Users’ will not be able to access their documents on their M: drives during this time.

This mostly affects staff and students at the Southend campus.
An announcement will be posted once the work is complete.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
IT Services

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September 11, 2017

Advance notice of unavailability of key network services – 12 Sept 2017

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Update: 0842 Tuesday 12th September 2017

The scheduled work was completed by 0800. The disruption of access to the services listed below was minimal and not service affecting.


On Tuesday 12th September during the network at risk period, IT Services staff will be upgrading a key network enabling device. As a result of this, there may be a temporary loss of access to some network services, including:

  • Main University website:
  • SharePoint:
  • Authentication for access to email:
  • Authentication for shibboleth enabled services
  • Moodle:

It is anticipated that the above services will be unavailable for a period of no longer than 15 minutes between 0730 and 0815 on Tuesday 12th September 2017 during the network at risk period. The actual work will be undertaken as early as possible to minimise disruption.

An update will be posted when the work has been completed.

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[Scheduled Service Alert] Listen Again upgrade

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The following services will be unavailable between 09:00am on Friday 22nd September 2017 and 09:00am Tuesday 26th September.

This is in order to perform a routine software upgrade.

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July 10, 2017

[Scheduled Service Alert] Main University file server (SERNT2) essential maintenance work

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11 July 08:45pm

SERNT2 has been returned to service.


10 July 

The University’s main file server (SERNT2) will be unavailable between 7:30am and 9.00am on Tuesday 11 July whilst IT Services staff perform essential maintenance work. This will affect file storage locations such as:

  • Shared departmental drives
  • Shared section drives
  • Anything else on SERNT2

This work is being carried out to resolve the intermittent problems that have been experienced with the server over the last week or so.

To help prevent data loss, staff should ensure that they save and close any open documents on this server before 7:30am tomorrow morning.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we feel this work is necessary to ensure the problem doesn’t escalate.

A further status message will be posted when the work is complete.

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July 4, 2017

Moodle 3.3 Upgrade

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Still ending up here?

If you’re still ending up here when you try to get to Moodle, MoodleX, or the Moodle Archive you’ll need to reset your browser cache.


2017-07-18 13:38: We are now verifying that the update to Moodle and MoodleX hasn’t had any adverse effects.

2017-07-18 16:33: Moodle has been made available again, however due to a misconfiguration you may be required to reset your browser cache to prevent being redirected back to this post.

2017-07-18 16:42: MoodleX is now available again.

2017-07-19 11:33: We are aware of an issue where users are being frequently timed out of their session and are currently looking into solutions

2017-07-19 13:18: We are confident that the frequent timeout issue has been resolved.

2017-07-19 15:04: Issues preventing users from logging in to MoodleX via Moodle should now be fixed.

2017-07-26 16:47: Moodle and MoodleX  are no longer considered At Risk. If you experience any issues you should continue to e-mail for support

What’s happening?

Moodle will be unavailable from 9:00am Tuesday 18th July while we upgrade to Moodle 3.3+ and perform maintenance on the servers. This upgrade will affect the following Moodle sites:

  • Moodle (
  • MoodleX (
  • Moodle Archive (

We expect that the upgrade will be completed before 5:00pm Wednesday 19th July. Because the upgrade will affect how these services run, they will be considered at risk until Sunday 23rd July when we can be certain that the upgrade has been successful.

What can I expect?

Moodle 3.3+ includes a tweaked interface with new icons, a new course overview for students, an improved video player and lots of other features, alongside the usual bug fixes and security patches.

We’re also making some major changes to how Moodle will work behind-the-scenes, which should enhance Moodle’s performance and improve our ability to respond to increased usage and demand of the service.


Follow this post for more information as the update progresses.

The University of Essex will moderate comments and there will be a delay before any posts appear.


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