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April 16, 2018

[RESOLVED]Emergency server maintenance

Filed under: Corporate systems, File storage, SharePoint, [Resolved], [Scheduled], [Service Alert] — Trevor Smith @ 3:09 pm

The issue with sernt72 has now been resolved and the server is back online.


One of our core servers will be undergoing emergency maintenance from 6am tomorrow, Tuesday 17th April.

This could have an impact on lots of our services and applications, including the systems, listed below, which may be inaccessible whilst we carry out these works.

Please do not contact the IT Services helpdesk during this time, as we will be focusing on the emergency server maintenance.

If services are not fully operational by 9am, we will let you know with a further update on the IT Services  Blog.

Please note that email and internet access should be unaffected.

Affected systems:

  • Accommodation and events management (Kinetics)
  • Attendance and engagement monitoring
  • Car parking
  • Essex website (includes intranet and Enrol)
  • Graduation ticket booking
  • Lecture capture (Listen Again)
  • Mobile apps (Pocket Essex) Campus M
  • Online assessments (Questionmark Perception)
  • Online coursework submission (FASER)
  • Online payments
  • Online Resource Bank (formerly Course Materials Repository)
  • Post Room software
  • Graduate training in Proficio
  • Results Processing System (linked to ESIS) – Student facing
  • Sharepoint (including ESF and EAF)
  • SMS messaging
  • Student document ordering
  • Staff and Student Printing (Papercut)
  • Student records and information database (ESIS)
  • Timetabling – Teaching (CMIS)
  • Timetabling – Exams (CMIS)
  • Virtual learning environment (Moodle)
  • Account and Group Management (User Database/CID)
  • Library Management System (Essex Libraries)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Identity management
  • External staff interface
  • Cross System Interfaces
  • Uniface
  • Cohort (Occ Health)
  • We are smile (mentoring)
  • Building access control (something we need to come back to)
  • Customer and relationship management (Dynamics)
  • HR management (Midland iTrent inc BO)
  • Library Management System (Sierra)
  • Planet (Estates Management)
  • Research management software (RMAS via Agresso)
  • Sports Centre Management
  • Surveys (Qualtrics and EVASYS)
  • Careerhub


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April 3, 2018

Mahara Upgrade

Filed under: Elearning, [Resolved], [Scheduled], [Service Alert] — John Maydew @ 2:14 pm

The Mahara e-portfolio system will be unavailable on Tuesday, April 10th between 7am and 9am while we upgrade to version 18.04. The following service(s) will be affected:

This upgrade will provide a number of performance and reliability benefits, as well as new features introduced in versions 18.0417.10 and 17.04 (links to release notes will open in a new window).


  • 08:20am - The upgrade has been completed successfully
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December 7, 2017

[Service Alert][Resolved] DHCP/DNS server restart – 8th December 2017 08:00hrs

Filed under: Computers, Corporate systems, Network, PC Labs, [Resolved], [Scheduled], [Service Alert] — Colin Phillips @ 4:04 pm

08:25hrs 8th December 2017 – The server has now been rebooted and is back in service.

One of our DNS servers needs to be restarted to clear an issue we have been experiencing with DHCP/DNS requests.  This work is scheduled to take place at 08:00hrs, Friday 8th December 2017.

Whilst the server is being restarted, users may experience longer than usual response times whilst connecting to network services and the internet.

It is anticipated the work will be complete by 08:15hrs.  Further announcements will be made after the work is complete.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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5min Network Outtage affecting around 50% of the Colchester Campus

Filed under: Network, [Resolved], [Scheduled], [Service Alert] — Network Manager @ 3:55 pm

There will be 5 minute Network Outage affecting around 50% of the Colchester Campus today Thursday 7th December 2017 at 6PM.  Some off-campus services may be affected.

This is to restart a core piece equipment to help resolve intermittent issues with DHCP experienced with greater frequency today.

After this timeframe if problems persist please restart your PC before contacting the IT Services helpdesk at telephone 01206 872345.


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October 23, 2017

[Resolved] Scheduled Internet disruption at Loughton campus – Tuesday 23rd October 2017

Filed under: Network, Wi-Fi, [Resolved], [Scheduled], [Service Alert] — Bret Giddings @ 9:39 am

The scheduled work was completed by 0715. Full internet access for any devices at the Loughton campus should now be operating normally again.



There will be a number of short disruptions to Internet connectivity at the Loughton campus between 0600 and 0700 on Tuesday 23rd October 2017. Each disruption should last for no longer than a minute.

If you do happen to be working at a computer at the Loughton campus (all buildings) during this time, you may find that any access to Internet based resources such as email, webpages etc occasionally slower than usual. Access to Internet resources via the WiFi at Loughton will also be affected during this time.

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