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January 31, 2020

[Service Alert] Issue making and receiving external telephone calls

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Information Update – 7 February 2020:

The steps taken by IT Solutions and our phone system maintainer have resolved the problem.

Information Update – 31 January 2020,16:45:

It is believed the cause of this issue is related to other network problems reported today.

Since counter measures were taken (at approx 15:30) to deal with the network problem, no further call issues have been reported. However, the phone system maintainer will be conducting maintenance checks this evening.

We are confident the issue is now being managed, however Networks and Telecoms Team remain on alert as it may not be resolved.

Further updates will be given if the situation changes.


Original Alert:

There is currently a fault with the phone system causing issues when making and receiving external telephone calls.

When an external call is connected one party in the call may not be able to hear the other.


Internal phone calls are unaffected.


This has been logged with the external system maintainer.

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