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January 15, 2020

[Service Alert] Scheduled restarts of Windows staff computers and servers

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24/01/2020 update

Thank you to all staff who have now run the Windows 10 update on their PC / laptop. As you may have seen in the media this is an urgent security software update which has been released to protect Windows software.

We are aware of a small number of PC which are turned on but are not being used or nobody is logged in. We will apply the update and reboot those PC’s starting from tonight, 24 January 2020 continuing until 31 January 2020.

There are some PC’s which have a user logged in but still need to be updated. In order to protect the work being done on those PC’s could we ask you to log out of those PC’s on the evening on 28 January 2020. These PC’s will be updated and rebooted from 8pm that evening.

All remaining PC’s which need an update, regardless of whether they have a user logged or not will be updated on the evening of 30 January 2020. Please note that from 8pm on 30 January 2020 any open unsaved data will be lost.

The security of our PC’s and data is of paramount importance to us so we very much appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

16/01/2020 1.45pm | Update

If you’re PC was switched off last night and you’re wondering what to do, don’t fret, just restart your PC at your earliest convenience.

15/01/2020 5.45pm | Update

In addition to restarting Windows staff computers we will also be restarting some servers. We do not expect this to cause any disruption to our services.

Further updates to follow.

15/01/2020 3pm | Original communication 

Dear Colleagues,

Innovation and Technology Solutions need to restart all staff computers running Windows in order to apply essential Windows updates. The updates will be applied automatically to all computers this evening after 8pm, followed by an automatic restart, to minimise disruption. Please note the following action:

Before you leave for the day please can you make sure that you:

1. Save and close all of your work, files and documents
2. Close all of your open programs
3. Leave your computer switched on and lock the screen (this can be done by pressing the Windows Key + L)

If you have any issues with your computer following the updates, or have any queries please contact the IT Helpdesk.

Thank you for assistance.

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January 13, 2020

[Resolved] Slow services

Filed under: ESIS, FASER, [Resolved], [Service Alert] — Benjamin Steeples @ 4:11 pm

Update 15/01/2020 09:55

We believe that this issue has now been resolved.

The cause has been traced to several overloaded database servers, and less-optimal queries.

Update 14/01/2020 11:50

Users are reporting that the SharePoint service has returned to expected speeds.

Update 14/01/2020 10:37

After further investigation – We are starting to see normal activity on the database, and users should be able to start using FASER again.

We are still treating the service as ‘at risk’, and if you continue to experience issues, please get in touch with the IT Helpdesk (

Update 14/01/2020 08:19

An update is being implemented to FASER to address its impact on the database.

This is taking place during our Tuesday at Risk period.

An update will follow once this has been completed.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Original 13/01/2020 16:11

We have received reports that ESIS, SharePoint, and FASER are running slower than usual.

We are currently investigating the cause.

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[Resolved] Issues with M: drive servers

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There was an issue with 2 of the M: drive servers (isslx111 and isslx112) today.  This resulted in the servers failing to serve users’ M: drives.  The issue started at 14:32 and both servers were back in service by 14:37.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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January 9, 2020

IT Training News: January to April 2020

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Simply follow the links to arrive at the booking page. Courses marked with an asterix incur a small charge.

Training for staff

Outlook for managing a busy inbox        15 Jan, 12 Feb, 4 Mar, 22 Apr
Excel: further functions                           17 Jan, 25 Feb, 11 Mar, 28 Apr
Excel: pivot tables                                   24 Jan, 27 Feb, 27 Mar, 30 Apr
Trello for managing your tasks                31 Jan, 14 Feb, 5 Mar, 23 Apr
New! Box for file storage                        6 Mar, 27 Mar, 23 Apr
Coming soon! Outlook email merge using Word and Excel

Training for researchers

EndNote for reference management       28 Feb, 26 Mar, 29 Apr
NVivo for organising your research*        18 & 19 Mar
New! Using Word to build your thesis     30 Jan, 25 Mar
Newcomers research week events          6 Jan to 10 Jan

Training for creatives

Photoshop for beginners*                        2 & 3 Apr
InDesign for beginners*                           20 & 21 Apr
Creating digital content with Adobe*       30 Mar to 1 Apr

Activate LinkedIn Learning

As an Essex staff member, you have free, unlimited access to online video training through the new LinkedIn Learning site (formerly

Activate your account today to unlock thousands of courses and upload your completion certificates to your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate the skills you’ve learned. Visit our LinkedIn Learning webpage for more information about getting started and using LinkedIn Learning in your teaching and learning.

Bespoke training sessions

If you would like to arrange a bespoke training session for your team at a time and date that suits you, please email to discuss your requirements.

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January 6, 2020

[Resolved] Issues affecting FASER

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Update 07 January 09:19:

This issue has now been resolved. FASER was affected between 13:00 and 20:00 on the 06 January.

The issue was traced to problems with a database server.

Original message:

We are aware of issues with FASER where page load times are very slow (Roughly 30 seconds to a minute).

We are currently looking into the problem, and will update this post as soon as possible.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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