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July 24, 2018

A fresh round of phishing emails

Filed under: Email, Information security — Trevor Smith @ 10:19 am

A new phishing attempt has hit many of our mailboxes over the last 24hrs and IT Services have managed to halt the activities of one compromised account which was responsible for sending out around 9,500 emails (we prevented more than 7,000 of these from being read). The authors of this phishing email were once again attempting to dupe our staff and students into providing their login credentials.

We would like to remind staff and students once again to be aware of the dangers of clicking links within email messages, the source of which you are unsure of. In particular, messages which ask you to login and provide your username and password (or indeed any other personal information) should be treated with caution. More information on how to identify and report such messages can be found at the url below:

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