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June 12, 2018

[Service Alert] Spam/phishing email “Unusual Login Attempt” – do not action

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Update 3pm

Mission complete. Here’s what happened earlier…

At 12noon, staff and students began receiving a large amount of spam email. The spam email was a phishing scam which came from a genuine Essex IT account that had been compromised.

The compromised account was quickly blocked at 12:02 so it couldn’t send any more emails. Our email support team then conducted a search and destroy mission to delete all of the scam emails from everyone’s inboxes. By 12:20pm, our team had deleted around 99.9% of the scam emails.

Our reports show this particular scam email was sent 41,727 times to 22,740 users – some users receiving it more than once.

  • If you spotted it was a scam and deleted the email, *thumbs up*.
  • If you only clicked the link, don’t worry – your account is safe.
  • If you clicked the link and filled out the form, you must change your password as soon as possible at

Phishing scams are real and everyone is a target – so please remain vigilant.

To help keep our network and users safe, please forward any suspicious emails to

Update 1pm

If you did click the link and fill out the form:

First alert

We are aware of a phishing/spam email being sent to Essex users with the subject “Unusual Login Attempt”.

This is a phishing email. DO NOT ACTION. Please delete it.

The account the email is being sent from has been blocked and our email support team are now searching all user mailboxes to remove the email.

More information to follow.

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