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June 11, 2018

[Service Alert] Problems with SIP phones

Filed under: Telephone, [Resolved], [Service Alert] — Andy Tyne @ 10:12 am

Information Update, 10:55: The cause of the problem has been identified and a solution implemented. All affected phones should reboot automatically and return to operation.

If a SIP phone is still affected after 11:30 today (11 June 2018) please inform, stating:

  • the extension number
  • the ccsip number (written underneath)
  • the phone’s MAC address on the label behind the screen.
  • the location of the phone

A technician will make arrangements to attend to the phone.

Information Update, 10:50: The problem is affecting all extensions that use the hotdesk  / log in feature.

Please do not reboot or disconnect a phone as a precaution.

Original message, 10:15: A number of reports  have been made this morning of SIP phones not working properly following a reboot or power outage (causing a reboot).

The system maintainer has been contacted and IT Services are looking for a solution.


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