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April 10, 2018

Important changes to remote network access – OpenVPN update required

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If you use OpenVPN, this information applies to you

Due to recent changes to our OpenVPN service, you must download and install a new configuration file to continue to use the service.

The latest configuration file contains the necessary security settings your computer or device needs to be able to connect to the University network remotely.

The old configuration file will expire in May 2018 and you will no longer be able to connect if you don’t update. You may have already noticed a message appear on your home computer warning you about this.

We also recommend you update to the latest version of OpenVPN.

Update instructions for your home computer

  1. Go to the OpenVPN website and download the latest version. We recommend you download the Installer, Windows Vista and later version.


  2. Download the Essex University v2.opvn configuration file.
  3. Open OpenVPN.
  4. Right-click on the OpenVPN icon in the system tray (bottom right of your screen).
  5. Choose Import …
  6. Browse to where you saved the Essex University v2.ovpn file and import it.

When you connect in future choose Essex University v2.

  1. Check that you are running the latest version of TunnelBlick: Open TunnelBlick, click the TunnelBlick icon -> VPN Details -> Preferences -> Check Now – install update if required
  2. Download the Essex University v2.opvn configuration file.
  3. Drag Essex University v2.ovpn onto TunnelBlick icon on the top menu bar to import the file.
  4. You should now have at least two options when you try to connect – please try Essex University v2.
  1. Download the Essex University v2.opvn configuration file.
  2. Open the Essex University v2.opvn file.
  3. This should launch the OpenVPN app and allow you to import the file.
  4. In future, connect to Essex Univesrity v2.
  1. Download the Essex University v2.opvn configuration file and preview the content.
  2. Tap the box at the top right with the up-arrow.
  3. Scroll across to Copy to OpenVPN.
  4. Complete the import.
  5. In future, connect to University v2
  1. If you know what you did before, do it again but with the new Essex University v2.opvn configuration file.
  • Sorry – we’re still working on an update for Chromebook.

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