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November 24, 2017

[Service Alert] Problems affecting external calls including credit card payment machines

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Information Update: 5 December 13:00

All devices are now reconnected to the default service.

Information Update: 30 November 12:15

Virginmedia and our phone system maintainer have confirmed the primary service is now restored. IT Services are making test calls and will establish that device has a working connection before restoring all services to normal conditions.

Information Update: 29 November 15:00

Virginmedia continue to work on the primary problem with their infrastructure. IT Services have enabled a temporary recovery of services in: the Sports Centre, Event Essex, Student Services Centre – payments desk.

Information Update: 28 November 13:30

Virginmedia continue to work on the primary problem with their infrastructure. IT Services are working to re provision fixed line services that are in use elsewhere, as a temporary measure. It is hoped a temporary recovery of services can be achieved for the following areas by the end of the day: Sports Centre, Event Essex, Fusion.

Information Update: 27 November 14:20

Virginmedia have been attending to the problem at their exchange and onsite, however it remains unresolved and the cause is unclear. The recovery will be a process of changing components until it is fixed. Indications are there will be a possible delay of days rather than hours depending on availability of parts. IT Services are considering alternative arrangements for replacing this service.

Information Update: 25 November 20:20

Virginmedia have not been able to commission the replacement hardware due to an additional software problem. It is expected that the issue will be resolved on 27 November during the morning, when the specialist skills will be available.

Information Update: 25 November 07:30

Virginmedia have now identified faulty components and are expected to bring replacement parts to site at approximately 12:00 today.

Information Update: 24 November 20:30

Virginmedia engineers have been onsite since 19:00 and continue to investigate the problem which appears to be a configuration issue on their exchange.

Information Update: 24 November 16:45

Virginmedia engineers will be on site at 6:00pm this evening.

Information Update: 24 November 13:35

We have confirmed that this is a static problem rather than an intermittent one. Technicians are currently looking into the cause of the problem.

Original Alert: 24 November 12:37

Payments by credit card machines connected via an analogue telephone line are affected by an intermittent problem that prevents a connection to an external location.

The system maintainer has been contacted and is investigating possible causes.

More information to follow.

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