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October 9, 2017

[Service Alert] Problems affecting external calls including credit card payment machines

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Information Update: 11 October 2017, 14:45

The problem affecting use of credit card readers has been resolved.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Information Update: 10 October 2017, 12:30

Services have been restored to the point where credit card payments can be made from appropriate devices. A scheduled restart of the telephone system is required to restore full functionality. The date for this is to be confirmed.

Information Update: 10 October 2017, 11:00

Tests suggest that credit card devices should be able to make outbound calls. However inbound calls used by systems that interrogate building management systems may will still be affected.

Desk phones, faxes or lift alarm systems are not affected by this disruption.

Information Update: 10 October 2017, 10:30

Replacement parts have been sourced and replaced. Services should return to normal within the next 15 – 20 minutes.

Information Update: 10 October 2017, 10:00

Virginmedia engineers have been to site and have left to source a replacement power supply locally. If if this cannot be delivered within an hour then a secondary option is being explored. This option will take several hours to implement as engineers will be working on live electrical equipment.

We expect the services used by credit card readers to be returned at sometime today

Information Update: 14:45

Virginmedia need to send an engineer to site the earliest this can be arranged is tomorrow morning (10 October 2017).

Information Update: 13:30

The cause of the problem has been identified as within the trunk services provider’s system.  Virginmedia have been contacted.

Original Alert: 09 October 13:05

Payments by credit card machines connected via an analogue telephone line are affected by an intermittent problem that prevents a connection to an external location.

The system maintainer has been contacted and is investigating possible causes.

More information to follow.

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