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October 17, 2017

‘Krack’ wifi security weakness

Filed under: Network, Security, Wi-Fi — Sara Stock @ 4:44 pm

You may have heard about the Krack wifi security flaw in the news this week. Researchers  have discovered a flaw in the WPA2 security protocol that may mean snoopers could steal your data when you connect to a wifi network.

So what does Krack mean for you?

  • There is no immediate threat to the University or to you, when you are using our wifi network.
  • If you use a mobile device then, as ever, it’s best to ensure that you keep it fully updated to ensure you have the latest security patches to protect it. This is best practice as set out in our mobile device guidelines.
  • IT Services will continue to monitor the situation and provide further  advice as necessary.

As with any other IT concerns, report any unexpected behaviour to the IT Helpdesk, and they will advise you.


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