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September 29, 2017

[Service Alert] Problem dialling into Loughton campus from external locations

Filed under: Telephone, [Resolved], [Service Alert] — Andy Tyne @ 11:42 am

Information update: 13:30

The problem has been resolved

Original alert: 11:45

Due an error made by our service provider the external connection in and out of Loughton campus was terminated at some time during the afternoon or evening of 28 September 2017.

All calls in to the main number 0208 508 5983 or any of the local extensions at Loughton using the prefix 0208 418, currently end with the message: ” You have dialed an incorrect number”.

The resilience setting for scenarios like this is to route out bound calls from Loughton campus via the Colchester connection.

This is now in effect and all outbound calls from Loughton give the caller display 3333.

The service provider is working to reverse this error as a matter of highest urgency with an anticipated resolution later today.

Updates will follow this message.

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