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August 10, 2017

Working with other people’s personal information – practical tips to keep it safe

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Lots of us handle personal information every day as part of our job. Line managers and team leaders have access to personal information about staff, and many of us have access to personal information about students. Make sure the personal information you have access to for you job stays personal, with our practical privacy points.

  • In the office – if you’re popping out, don’t forget to lock your filing cabinets, desk pedestal and PC screen. If you’ve got an office to yourself then lock the door behind you.
  • On your mobile device – if you access personal information on the go, follow our mobile guidance and always password protect your tablet or phone.
  • Away from the office –  avoid carrying personal information around in paper form or on memory sticks. Use OpenVPN to remotely access your PC and shared folders.
  • Shred it don’t bin it – if you’ve got personal information on paper, don’t bin it. Invest in a shredder, or ask Estates to collect paper for shredding.
  • Sharing – if you need to share personal information remember to always share the least amount of information needed, not everything you’ve got.
  • Sent something to the wrong person? – take time to check that you’ve selected the right email address – and then check again before sending. Report all incidents and near misses as soon as possible.

Remember – keep it personal. Always stop and think before sharing personal information.

Want to know more? Read our data protection good practice guide, and have a look at our Information Security web page for more help and tips.

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